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The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has withdrawn the licences of the representative offices of Kookmin from South Korea and Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Bank customers warned of message scams

The Ministry of Public Security has issued a warning over a new type of scam where apparent official bank messages are sent to customers to appropriate money.

Vietnamese finance market braced for remarkable EVFTA impacts

The EU has a strong financial services market and the EVFTA will have a significant impact on the Vietnamese economy and finance market.

PwC surveys how financial and tech firms navigate fintech landscape

PwC polled over 500 financial services and technology executives worldwide to figure out the factors that will determine the winners and losers of fintech.

Vietnamese banks ranked among 500 strongest in region

The Asian Banker continues to honour the 500 strongest banks in the Asia-Pacific in 2019 with some familiar names from Vietnam.

Foreign investors to join restructuring of Vietnamese banking system

Foreign banks have been expressing eagerness to jump on the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) bandwagon in the banking sector.

Hanoians save while Saigonese prefer investing

 VietNamNet Bridge - HCM City people said that they would look for every opportunity, even take risks to invest to earn profits while Hanoi people put up to 80% of the earnings into the safebox.

Embezzlement in banking sector gets alarming

 VietNamNet Bridge – Banking has been named as the leading sector in terms of embezzlement with 9 out of the 10 embezzlement cases treated in 2013.

Vietnam: Biggest rhino horns transit nation

Vietnam is the largest transit nation of the illegal transportation of wild animal samples such as rhino horns and elephant tusks.

Over-600-year history of Vietnam banknotes

 VietNamNet Bridge - The first banknote in the history of Vietnam's currency is the one called "Thong bao hoi sao" which was issued in 1396 by Ho Qui Ly. More than six centuries later, banknotes increasingly confirm its important position in life.


Vietnam-Myanmar trade up 40 percent; Kazakhstan-Ho Chi Minh City air route opens; Smuggled sturgeon fish from China floods markets in Vietnam; Rice prices unlikely to rise further: traders

The old doctor who devotes his whole life to look for new fishes

Starting his business research career with the studies on mice, Dr. Nguyen Thai Tu has risen to fame with the findings of freshwater fishes for Vietnam and the world.

Kids pushed into the street to beg

VietNamNet Bridge - In the early days of the lunar year, visitors can see a lot of children standing in front of Buddhist temples to beg.

Students rush to take extra jobs to earn money in Tet sale season

VietNamNet Bridge – Businesses have geared up for their year-end sale season, and it’s the time for students to take some works to earn extra money for Tet celebration.

Saigon's playboys spend millions of dong on eagles

Eagle, the bird listed in the Red Book, has been traded in the open air at tens of millions of dong for each.

Foreigners dazzled about Vietnamese fast set

In the next 10 years, urban areas would remain the potential destinations for foreign luxurious products, especially cars and beauty products.

What do the big bosses receive for Tet gift in the Year of Snake?

VietNamNet Bridge – Despite the economic downturn and the decrease in incomes, Vietnamese still hunt for luxurious and expensive things to give to their “big bosses” as the thanks for job opportunities.

Only a few of general schools in Vietnam can meet standards

The new standards for general education accreditation applied as of January 2013 have made schools puzzled, because they don’t know what they have to do to be recognized as the national standard schools.

What Vietnamese millionaires spend money on?

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese millionaires are rich enough to spend billions of dong on a bird cage, millions of dong on a Canadian gooey duck, or thousands of dollars on tiny shrimps.

Rolling Stones play London in first of 50-year shows

 The Rolling Stones were set to rock London on Sunday in their first stadium concert for five years as the band mark half a century together.