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Many woodwork manufacturers complain that exports have been sliding as people in target markets have been tightening their purse strings.

Order cuts put brakes on wood enterprises

Profits of many industrial sector companies are slowing down, preventing recovery of the economy, and wood and timber groups are feeling the pinch perhaps more so than others.

A bumpy road for woodwork exports to the US

In 2020, Vietnam overtook China as the largest woodwork supplier of the United States, which is the world’s biggest woodwork consumer.

Universal issues continue to thwart timber businesses

Coupled with the ongoing shortage of shipping containers, a hike in raw material prices and the pandemic continue to cause issues for exporters of timber products, exacerbating the desire for timely solutions and a more sustainable supply chain.

Woodwork manufacturers prosper despite Covid-19

The Ministry of Investment and Trade (MOIT) has estimated that wood and woodwork exports in November brought turnover of $1.15 billion, an increase of 21 percent over the month before.

E-commerce gives impetus to woodworking sector

In the rapid development of e-commerce, online stores and factories are one of the solutions with which enterprises can cope with the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic while laying a foundation for digitalized business

Fearing anti-dumping lawsuits, VN wooden furniture firms diversify markets

The US has decided to conduct an investigation on whether Vietnam is dumping plywood products in the US. The decision could lead to a sharp fall in plywood exports to the market.

Chinese found counterfeiting Vietnamese origin for woodwork exports

Many Chinese wooden furniture manufacturers have been found setting up foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) in Vietnam to ‘fabricate’ Vietnamese origin for their exports to the US.

Vietnam's woodwork industry expects minus growth rate for 2020

The woodwork industry is experiencing many hardships with 80 percent of orders postponed in April.

Vietnamese woodwork industry: the path to $20 billion goal

More and more foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) in Vietnam have begun exporting woodwork products as Vietnamese enterprises increasingly lose market share.

Supply chain interrupted, VN woodwork processors go online

E-commerce is one of the best solutions for woodwork enterprises to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic, which has led to a sharp fall in demand.

Wood industry seeks more material suppliers

The wood industry is seeking new supply sources with legal origin certificates, aiming for sustainable development of the industry.

Woodwork industry: $10 billion within reach, but VN could earn even more

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese woodwork enterprises aim to increase their competitiveness in the global value chain, but they face a number of challenges.

Vietnamese enterprises ‘cautiously optimistic’ about trade war opportunities

VietNamNet Bridge - Great benefits for Vietnamese enterprises from the US-China trade war are possible, but enterprises have been warned they may face risks without thorough preparations.

Will China use Vietnamese origin to export woodwork to US?

The massive arrival of Chinese enterprises to Vietnam to set up woodwork processing workshops has raised concern that China may exploit Vietnamese origin to export products to the US and avoid high taxes.