A person visits the homepage of Yeah1's YouTube channel. YouTube has agreed to give the company more time to move its content from the YouTube platform



Earlier, YouTube announced the termination of its Content Hosting Agreement (CHSA) with the subsidiaries and associates of Yeah1 on March 31.

YouTube said that SpringMe, in which Yeah1 has a 16.5% stake, had violated YouTube policies in selecting and managing channels and videos, leading the platform to terminate its agreement with Yeah1’s subsidiaries and associates that run AdSense-based business activities.

CHSA is the license through which media companies gather earnings from third-party businesses that run ads on their channels.

However, YouTube allowed the firm to continue storing content on its platform for another two weeks.

According to Yeah1, the local company is still negotiating with YouTube. Multichannel partners of Yeah1 Network are still operating normally at the moment, with full support and benefits.

Besides this, Yeah1 is still operating in other business segments and continuing its strategic cooperation plans.

However, the agreement on temporary cooperation does not mean that the group could succeed in its negotiations with YouTube.

Earlier, Yeah1 announced that it would consider setting up new operation models if negotiations fail. SGT