Dr Le Van Canh, vice rector of International University under HCM City National University

Born and raised in the central province of Quang Nam, a disadvantaged locality, Canh said he had to study hard during school.

During school, Canh managed to cover expenses for basic needs because his family could only afford part of tuition. Their poverty motivated Canh to study hard to overcome their situation. His self-reliance has helped Canh a lot in his career.

After high school, Canh became a student at the Hanoi Architecture University, majoring in civil engineering. His excellent learning records at university helped Canh win a master-degree scholarship from Prof Nguyen Dang Hung and Liege University (Belgium) to study mechanics.

After getting a master's degree in 2005, Canh received a doctoral scholarship from Sheffield University (UK) under a talent development program of the HCM City Party Committee. 

“I feel that I am luckier than my peers as I could follow education to change my life,” he said.

In March 2010, Canh received his doctorate in mechanics and was invited to work for three universities in the UK, Australia and Scotland. But he decided to return to Vietnam. “I decided to come back to Vietnam because I hope that I can help my homeland develop. I should not betray the expectations put on me,” he said.

He is now vice rector of International University. He has joined research teams and implemented his own scientific research projects.

As the youngest candidate for the title of professor this year, Canh said he has been lucky as his research achievements came early. 

Canh said he has advised his students to spend time on useful things – participating in extracurricular activities, and practicing skills and foreign languages, instead of being absorbed in the "virtual world".

Le Huyen