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Youngest candidate for professor title: 'I worked hard to escape poverty'

Dr Le Van Canh, 43, vice rector of International University under HCM City National University, is the youngest candidate for the professor title this year.

Young physics professor: 'triangle model' helps develop high-quality research

Prof Phung Van Dong, who is head of a strong research team in High Energy Physics and Cosmology at Phenikaa University, is the youngest professor recognized this year.

The struggle to find professors for schools for the gifted

It is not easy to attract talents to schools for the gifted.

Honesty, scientific integrity needed in granting of professor titles

Scandals are commonly seen every year when professor and associate professor titles are granted, which raises doubts about the qualifications of scientists and the talented of the society.

Scientist with many citations excluded from list of candidates for professorship

The news that Associate Prof Nguyen Thoi Trung from Ton Duc Thang University, who is among the scientists with the highest number of citations, has been excluded from the list of candidates for a professorship title has surprised many observers.

The most special professor title holders in 2019

A female scientist at the age of 38 and a man in his 70s have been awarded the professorship title.

Vietnam has many professors, but few conduct research

Over the last 40 years, Vietnam has had a total of 1,600 professors and 10,000 associate professors, but only 200-300 professors and a quarter of associate professors are still doing research.

Is it time to end the State Professorship Council’s mission?

When universities in Vietnam obtain the right to grant professor and associate professor titles as in other developed countries, the State Professorship Council will have no reason to continue to exist, analysts say.

Vietnam faces shortage of university professors

Even though the State Professorship Council announced that the number of candidates meeting standards for the title of professor in 2017 was twice as many as the year before, educators say that Vietnam still lacks professors.

State’s Professorship Council denies ‘professor inflation’ in Vietnam

“It is unreasonable to say Vietnam is suffering a ‘professor oversupply’,” said Tran Van Nhung, secretary general of the State’s Professorship Council.

Ton Duc Thang University: “We won’t stop appointing professors”

VietNamNet Bridge - Despite criticism, President of Ton Duc Thang University Le Vinh Danh has said the school would continue implementing its plan on appointing its professors and associate professors.

How many professors will Vietnam have in the future?

VietNamNet Bridge - If universities are given the right to accredit professors and associate professors, Vietnam could see a “professor boom”, experts have warned.

First university in Vietnam appoints its own professors

VietNamNet Bridge - Ton Duc Thang University, a people-founded school in HCM City, has stirred controversy after appointing its own professors and associate professors.