Dang was the only 10th grader in the selected team of six Vietnamese students attending the competition.




Ngo Quy Dang



Dang’s gold medal helped the Vietnamese national competition team rank 17th out of 105 competition teams attending this year’s IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad).

‘King of prizes’

In the mathematics community, Dang is a well known name as he has won a lot of prizes at big competitions in mathematics.

When he was a secondary school student, Dang was called the ‘King of prizes’ because of th number of prizes he had won at competitions.

That was why he was accepted as a mathematics major at the high school for the gifted in natural sciences without having to attend the entrance exam.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, when he was in 10th grade, Dang won second prize at the national competition for excellent students. The other competitors were all 12th graders.

Le Anh Vinh, head of the Vietnamese IMO Delegation, said he could see Dang’s talent when he was in the 7th grade and put high expectations on the student’s ability.

“At that time, I asked Dang to solve questions designed to teach national competitors and I found that Dang always could solve them with original methods,” Vinh said.

Vinh said Dang was not only a good thinker and very clever, but also had a good learning attitude.

Vinh said that Dang is studious, eager to learn, and learns naturally. For the student, taking exams is just like going to school and he is always in a good mood when taking them.

Before attending IMO 2020, Dang attended the CMC (Cyberspace Mathematical Competition) which gathered competitors from 70 countries, organized by the American Mathematical Society. He won the gold medal.

When asked if Dang could break the record with three gold medals in international mathematics competition, Vinh said he hopes Dang can attend the International Olympiad of Informatics when he enters the 11th and 12th grades.

“If so, these would be great challenges,” Vinh said.

Chu Thi Thanh from Vinh Phuc province, the only female student in the Vietnamese national competition at IMO 2020, won bronze medal. 

Thuy Nga

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