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Vietnamese smart home startup aims for global technological prominence

Driven by his unwavering belief in the potential of the smart home industry, CEO Nguyen Manh Toan set his sights on this promising domain.

Ethnic man with desire to bring Vietnamese coffee products to the world

Y Pot Niê, 36, an E De ethnic man, stands at his booth at the eighth National Farmers Forum, taking place in Hanoi, and inviting visitors to try a cup of his coffee.

Businesswoman desires to develop local ginseng into national brand product

Kim Dung recently won the second prize at the 2023 National Women's Startup Contest organised by the Vietnam Women's Union with her ginseng startup project.

A barefoot scientist dedicated life to developing VN's agriculture

To reduce labour and enhance agricultural productivity, one farmer has devoted nearly two decades to tireless research and developing more than 50 types of automated agricultural machinery.

Economics professor in the UK: you can contribute to homeland from abroad

“I chose to stay in the UK, not because I can find a good job here, but I believe that I still need more time to accumulate experience and money before I return to Vietnam and do something bigger,” said Trinh Quang Vu.


Vietnamese engineer generates music with AI

Nguyen Hoang Bao Dai, a 27-year-old engineer based in Ho Chi Minh City, has become the third Vietnamese person to be recognised as a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning for his music generation model,

VN female scientist receives 'The Most Downloaded Paper' Award for research on Mekong basin

Nguyen Kim Anh and her co-workers have won an award from a Japanese prestigious journal for their research on the salinity situation in the Mekong basin.

Former literature student graduates in computer science from US

Tran Kha Vy, 23, has had quite an experience studying abroad at Minerva Schools at KGI (USA), which has an acceptance rate of only 1.8%.

Hanoi student creates material that adsorbs antibiotics in wastewater

A scientific article on Truong Thi Thuy Trang's project on a new material made from rice husks, an agricultural by-product, that removes antibiotics in wastewater has been published in an ISI-Q1 international scientific journal.


Village student enters top business school in Spain

Getting out of a rut and choosing to follow his own way, Dinh Tien Dat wants to help next-generation students to pursue their own path.

9x graduate leaves big US company to work at startup

Ha DieuTrang is an alumna of Worcester Academy in the US. She was an English major at the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, but chose to study IT in university because she wanted to challenge herself in a field which was not her forte.

Vietnamese man uses AI to create Petkix, an interactive camera for pets

Based in the US, Petkix is a company that manufactures technological devices for pets.

The universe is this student's oyster

Nguyen Manh Quan is a physics whiz kid, as all his trophies from international competitions show.


Hue physician in the US shares her experiences with online Vietnamese medical community

When she just came to the US, Nguyen Ngoc Trang was surprised when realizing her English pronunciation was not correct. But four years later, she was the best student at her high school.


Vietnamese student earns highest score at Asian Physics Olympiad

All eight Vietnamese students participating in the 2021 Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) have won prizes, bringing home two golds, one silver, three bronzes and two certificates of merit, reported the Ministry of Education and Training on May 23.

Giving up medical school in Vietnam, student pursues neuroscience research in US

When she was 10 years old, Mai Ngoc Hien, who won a scholarship in 2018 worth $160,000 to study neuroscience at Ohio Wesleyan University, read a book that she had borrowed from a friend about Issac Newton’s research activities. 

Female scientist wants to start public awareness campaign about organ donations

Dr Do Pham Nguyet Thanh, born in 1995, an expert at the Biomedical Research Center under the Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, has been honored as one of HCMC 2020 Outstanding Young Citizens thanks to her active contributions to the community.

23-year-old wins nine scholarships for doctoral study in the US

Vo Pham Thuy Tien has won full scholarships from nine prestigious schools in the US.

9-year-old pupil becomes national master of chess

At the age of nine, Hanoi’s Dau Khuong Duy has been granted the title national master of chess.

Vietnamese PhD holder recognized as leading young scientist in Australia

Nong Ngoc Duy, PhD, honored as one of five leading young scientists in social sciences in Australia, said he had to work no less than 80 hours a week for a long time, and sometimes 14 hours a day, to survive the global competition.