Update news AirVisual

Air quality in HCM City worsened once again on the morning of June 26 with the air quality index (AQI) rising to 161, a level which is considered to be harmful to people’s health, following an evaluation of monitoring application AirVisual.

Hanoi mayor wants to recall old cars, motorbikes

Saying that private vehicles are the biggest source of pollution, Hanoi’s Mayor Nguyen Duc Chung supports the policy to recall old cars and motorbikes.

Citizens of HCM City wake to a city blanketed in thick fog

The people of Ho Chi Minh City awoke to find the southern city under a thick blanket of fog on the morning of October 22, with many of the city’s high-rise buildings being shrouded in mist.

AirVisual pollution monitor app temporarily blocked in Vietnam

AirVisual, the air quality monitor and information provider, could not be downloaded from both Android and iOS stores in Vietnam for several days.

Facebook user apologizes for misleading post

A Vietnamese Facebook user has apologized to AirVisual for a post that resulted in a “coordinated attack” to discredit the app after its data showed Hanoi has at times topped its list of 90 major cities suffering from air pollution.

Hanoi is not the world’s most polluted city: AirVisual

A separate annual world ranking elaborated by IQAir (owner of AirVisual) in partnership with Greenpeace in March showed that Hanoi was not in the world’s top 200 most polluted cities last year.

AirVisual suddenly disappears from Google Play and App Store in Vietnam

Before "disappearing" from App Store and Play Store stores in Vietnam, AirVisual was the most downloaded air quality monitoring app in the country last week.

Hanoi and HCM City ranked as world's most polluted cities: Air Visual

Hanoi and HCM City have been named among the top three cities with the most serious air pollution in the world according to the air quality index (AQI) ranking by Air Visual.