However, the April CPI rose by 2.81% in comparison to April, 2022, the office said.

The average CPI recorded during the first four months of the year also increased by 3.84% over the same period from last year.

Six of the 11 groups of commodities and services used to calculate the CPI endured a price decline in April. Of these, the education group saw the strongest reduction in price with 1.3%, followed by the group of housing and building materials with 0.83%.

Furthermore, there were several factors resulting in the CPI downtrend, including the price of the culture, sports, and tourism services decreasing by 0.45% and food and catering services down by 0.38%.

However, some goods and service groups had price increases in April, including the group of beverages and tobacco up 0.12%, and the transport group which up 0.43%. 

Higher demand placed on medical equipment and medicine in seasonal weather also pushed prices of those products up by 0.02% compared to the previous month.

In comparison to March, gold prices in April went up by 2.04%, although the US dollar depreciated by 0.89%.

Source: VOV