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Besides rapid urbanization, the rising income of consumers is one of the reasons for the booming of the Vietnamese retail market.

The costly competition in the retail industry

Foreign retailers, from Metro, Auchan, Casino Group to Parkson, have had to leave Vietnam because they did not understand the market well.

VN retail businesses need to develop their own brands

Local retail businesses should focus on developing their own brands, improving the product quality and diversifying products in order to enhance their competitiveness in the domestic market.

Vietnamese retailers expand networks

By buying rivals and expanding networks, Vietnamese retailers are dominating the domestic retail market.

Some foreign retailers leave Vietnam’s $180 billion market - Why?

Some foreign retail groups have left Vietnam recently. Is this because the retail market is no longer attractive?

When retailers are involved in M&A deals

The retailer community last week was stirred up by the news that a Vietnamese enterprise had acquired a famous foreign retail brand just after one month of negotiations.

How are foreign retail giants performing in Vietnam?

Auchan has left the Vietnamese market. MM Mega Market and Big C have seen revenue decrease. But Aeon Mall and Lotte Mart continue to expand.

Saigon Co.op takes over 18 Auchan supermarkets

Saigon Co.op has officially taken over 18 Auchan supermarkets in the country after the French retail group announced its withdrawal last month from the Vietnamese market by selling its loss-making business.

Auchan’s sale of 18 supermarkets leaves questions about new owner

It is still unclear who will take over the Auchan chain in Vietnam, though the announcement about the departure was made many days ago.

VN technology product distributors try ‘sell everything’ strategy

The Gioi So (Digiworld), the mobile phone retail chain, is seeking to distribute office equipment, while FPT Shop is trying online sale models and The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World) is focusing on its department stores.

Foreign retailers feeling the heat of Vietnam’s market

More foreign investors have had to leave Vietnam after taking losses for a long time, though Vietnam is considered an attractive market with increasingly high purchasing power.

Why Western retailers say goodbye to Vietnam?

The Vietnamese retail market would hardly attract more European retail groups in the mass segment due to the harsh competition.

Big multinational retail chains not always successful in VN

Once putting high hopes on the Vietnamese retail market, described as very promising with 90 million consumers, many retailers have had to leave the country.

Vietnam’s market turns out to be challenging for retailers

VietNamNet Bridge - In early 2015, Parkson My Dinh shut down and at the end of the year, Big C announced it planned to leave Vietnam, proving to be a challenging year for retailers, including the most powerful firms.