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Big Data and AI will be the optimal tools to run factories in the future and digital transition will help firms optimise costs and cut emissions.

80% of cloud computing market held by foreign firms

Eighty percent of market share in cloud computing belongs to foreign companies

Big Data helps to broaden consumer access to bank loans

Based on data about phones, electricity and shopping usage, AI can be used to give credit ratings to people.

AI, Big Data help businesses target neighborhood markets

Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) are now considered the ‘trump cards’ in business competition.

IT businesses vow to support Hanoi in smart city development

Hanoi aims to become a smart city with Al and Big Data as the core technologies.

AI still unattractive to Vietnam’s enterprises

New technologies, including AI and Big Data, will be the new economic growth momentum for Vietnam. However, there is still much work to be done to bring the new technologies to life.

Vietnam needs up to 90,000 IT workers in 2019

Vietnam will need 70,000 - 90,000 information technology (IT) workers in 2019, the online newspaper of the Government reported, citing a report by TopDev – an IT recruiting firm.

AI increasingly being used in hospitality sector

Predicting an ‘AI (artificial intelligence) boom’ in the hospitality industry, experts say its use will radically change clients’ experiences.

Professor returns to Vietnam to start talent training programs

While most scientists take pride in their research and international articles, Prof Dr Duong Nguyen Vu is just as proud of his students’ achievements.

Enterprises lack workers trained in the newest digital technologies

VietNamNet Bridge - Companies have been slow in reforming their operations because of the shortage of qualified personnel experienced in advanced technologies. 

Health Ministry's smart healthcare system uses AI, Big Data

 A smart healthcare system that exploits Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) has been set up by the Ministry of Health to improve the quality of health examinations and medical treatment.

Young brands threatening giants

VietNamNet Bridge - In the digital era, long-lasting brands run by big companies are being threatened by younger companies which are using technology to run their businesses.


Retail sales, services revenue up by 10 percent, Nearly 73,000 new enterprises set up in seven months, Industrial index up 6.5 percent in seven months, Expats share experiences in clean energy, big data