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GameFi projects offer such high profits that investors pile into the industry to make easy money. The mass exodus of profit-seekers has turned Viet...

Are gamers losing confidence in ‘play to earn’ trend?

After the initial excitement, many people now have a negative view of GameFi and the ‘play to earn’ movement. Many questions have been raised about the new model.

Gamers warned of GameFi fraudulence in Vietnam

Seeing the success of Sky Mavis, whose GameFi (Game + Finance) can attract a capital investment of US$3 billion, other Vietnamese game developers have introduced similar game projects lately.

Key decisions ahead to shape blockchain era

Vietnam’s blockchain game projects are gaining popularity, attracting millions of US dollars from international investment funds – but ambiguous laws may prevent the sector from expanding as fast as it could otherwise.

'I’m not a dollar billionaire': Axie Infinity CEO

CEO Nguyen Thanh Trung said that he is not a dollar millionaire, explaining that the market capitalization of AXS tokens is different from the capitalization of Sky Mavis.

Many Southeast Asians survive through pandemic thanks to Vietnamese games

In some Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia, many people have had a stable income during the pandemic for two years now, thanks to Vietnamese games.

Virtual land plot in Vietnamese game sells for $2.5 million

An Axie Infinity gamer sold his virtual land plot for 550 Ethereum, or $2.5 million, several days ago. This was one of the most expensive land plots ever sold in the cryptocurrency market.

Axie Infinity is one of world's top 30 'virtual currencies'

In just a short time, Vietnam's blockchain game Axie Infinity has grown tremendously, becoming a new phenomenon in the world gaming industry.