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The band won't go on a world tour until they can make their concerts "environmentally beneficial".

Artificial eyes: How robots will see in the future

Laser scanning technology, Lidar, is getting cheaper and could be how machines see in the future.

SpaceX Starship prototype blows its top

The US company's new rocket prototype experiences a major failure during pressurisation testing.

Jake Burton Carpenter: US 'godfather of snowboarding' dies at 65

Jake Burton Carpenter became fascinated by surfing on snow and helped make snowboarding a global sport.

'Global epidemic' of childhood inactivity

Report shows 81% don't exercise enough with effects on health, brain development and social skills.

Chaayos cafe: Indian cafe's facial recognition use sparks anger

Experts are worried about private companies using the technology in the absence of privacy laws.

Florida: 145 graves of an African-American cemetery found under school

Nearly all the people buried at the mid-20th Century paupers' cemetery were African Americans.

Outrage in Pakistan after feminism panel includes no women

Pakistan's Arts Council backtracks after it's derided for inviting a men-only panel on feminism.

Victoria's Secret cancels fashion show amid ratings drop

Television audiences for the show have slumped and the brand said its marketing needs to "evolve".

Bacterial allies make dengue fever cases dive

Scientists infected mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria to make it harder for them to spread disease.

Motorcycle taxi drivers storm Indonesia hospital to get baby's body

The group have defended their actions as "humanitarian" after the body was held over unpaid bills.

Was Taylor Swift really banned from playing her hits?

Taylor's label can't stop her performing her own songs. The problem comes when she puts them online.

A million faulty condoms recalled in Uganda

Some of the male contraceptives supplied by charity Marie Stopes contained holes or risked bursting.

Spain starts tracking mobiles but denies spying

Millions of phone users are being followed this week but critics fear it is a step closer to spying.

Hitler house in Austria to become police station

The decision follows a lengthy legal battle with the previous owner and widespread debate in Austria.

Why do billions of people still not have glasses?

It's thought 2.5 billion people could benefit from technology first developed in the 1200s.

Impeachment inquiry: White House attacks witness who heard 'improper' call

A top US official tells the inquiry he was "shocked" by a call between President Trump and Ukraine.

Brazil's Amazon deforestation highest since 2008, space agency says

The rainforest loses 9,762 sq km in 12 months, an increase of nearly 30%, Brazil's space agency says.

Iran protests: UN fears dozens of people have been killed

Some sources have indicated about 200 people may have died since the protests erupted on Friday.

US and Australian hostages freed in Taliban prisoner swap

Two professors are freed in exchange for three top Taliban prisoners to try to reboot peace talks.