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The growing marketplace for buying fake followers on the social media site.

Australia fires: 'Catastrophic' alert issued to South Australia

Heat and winds threaten to widen Australia's bushfire crisis, as massive blazes ravage the east coast.

Scientists create slippery toilet coating that stops poo sticking

Scientists say ultra-slippery toilet coating could save a huge amount of water across the planet.

Why Google Stadia is a 'leap forward' for gaming, according to its boss

The tech giant's boss Phil Harrison believes its new service Stadia is a "leap forward" for gaming.

Russia corruption: Putin's pet space project Vostochny tainted by massive theft

Russia has lost more than £130m in theft from a key space project cherished by President Putin.

How China plans to lead the computer chip industry

China wants to end its dependence on imported computer chips, but experts says it will struggle.

Kylie Jenner sells stake in cosmetics company for $600m

The reality TV star said she is building the brand into an "international beauty powerhouse".

Australia fires: Sydney blanketed by smoke from NSW bushfires

Bushfires raging to the north of the city are creating a dense haze and "hazardous" air quality.

Why some people are impossibly talented

Polymaths excel in multiple fields. But what makes a polymath – and can their cross-discipline expertise help tackle some of society’s most pressing challenges?

Could the world cope if GPS stopped working?

Despite widespread reliance on the system, there is no universal plan to deal with GPS disruption.

Nasa probes oxygen mystery on Mars

The oxygen in Martian air is changing in a way that can't currently be explained by known chemical processes.

Sentinel for sea-level rise enters testing

The satellite that will maintain the "gold standard" measurement of ocean height is nearly complete.

Some people 'genetically wired' to avoid some vegetables

An inherited gene makes certain healthy foods taste exceptionally bitter and unpleasant, according to researchers.

The growing importance of the night-time economy

The UK's night-time economy is now said to be the UK's fifth-biggest industry with annual revenues of £66bn.

Christmas adverts - do they really work?

Big budget ads are already gracing our screens but do they actually benefit the big brands behind them?

Motorola Razr flip phone revived with foldable screen

Motorola has revived its slim Razr flip phone, some 15 years after the original “game changing” device hit the market.


Western plastics 'poisoning Indonesian food chain'

The burning of plastic waste in Indonesia, much of which has been sent there by the West, is poisoning the food chain, the BBC has learned.


The truth behind India's viral photo that got a girl into school

The Indian girl was enrolled in school after a photo of her peeking into a classroom sparked outcry.

Michael Bloomberg apologises for 'stop-and-frisk' policy

The former New York mayor backed a tactic that disproportionately targeted black and Latino residents.

Hong Kong protests: Police surround campus after night of violence

After a fiery overnight stand-off, some protesters tried to leave - but were met with tear gas.