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Around 8% of Vietnam’s population have accounts for securities trading

Domestic individual investors hold more than 7.98 million accounts for securities trading as of the end of June, or 8% of Vietnam’s population, according to statistics supplied by the Vietnam Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation.

Culture & Business Forum scheduled for November

The 4th Culture & Business Forum (CBF), spotlighting business operations in a multicultural environment, is set to take place in Hanoi on November 10, heard a press conference on the annual event on July 8.

Ministry to release final draft circular on stock market upgrades

The Ministry of Finance is set to announce the final draft of a circular related to the upgrade of Vietnam's stock market and operate the Korea Exchange (KRX) system this week.

Ministry offers two scenarios for economic growth in H2

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has provided updates for economic growth scenarios in the second half of this year, in which the Vietnamese economy could beat forecasts and expand at 7% for the full year.

Finance Ministry launches audit on loss-making cement giant Vicem

The Ministry of Finance has launched an audit to investigate the financial, accounting, and tax compliance of Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation (Vicem) and its three subsidiaries following significant financial losses.

DPPA promotes competitive electricity market development in VN

Implementing the direct power purchase agreement (DPPA) mechanism between renewable energy generators and large customers is important to developing a competitive electricity market in Vietnam.

Ample space for Vietnam to boost exports to the US, experts

In the first half of this year, Vietnam exported about US$55 billion worth of goods to the US, up 26 per cent year-on-year, ranking first in terms of turnover growth, far surpassing other markets such as the EU, ASEAN and South Korea.

Vietnam’s FDI capital likely to hit US$40 billion this year

Vietnam expects to attract about US$39-40 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) capital this year, a figure which is equivalent or higher than the same period in 2023, said Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Tran Quoc Phuong.

Vietnam urgently needs standards for electric and hybrid vehicle emissions

There is currently no national standard for emissions for electric and hybrid vehicles in Vietnam, which has hindered many manufacturers from producing or importing these vehicles.

Vietnamese retailers racing to green up brands

In the face of fierce competition in the world market, Vietnamese retailers are racing to “green up” their trademarks towards sustainable brands, thus maintaining its home ground and reach out to foreign markets.

Vietnam climbs to 32nd in world energy transition rankings

Learn about the key factors contributing to Vietnam's 32nd rank in the clean energy transition index and what lies ahead for its sustainable energy journey.

Circular agriculture a game changer for rice industry

With 40 million tonnes of straw produced yearly across the country, efficient recycling and reuse can deliver significant benefits to farmers while contributing to VN commitments made to the international community to reduce the country’s emissions.

Vietnam moves to revise GDP growth scenario for 2024, sticks to 7% rate

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has revised two scenarios for Vietnamese economic growth this year after recording a high growth rate of 6.42% during the first half of the year, with high hopes of securing a 7% rate by the end of the year.

Lending interest rates drop, but businesses dare not borrow money

Businesses have confirmed that commercial banks now are lending capital at low interest rates, below 5 percent. However, many businesses don’t intend to borrow money as they lack orders.

Vietnamese businesses still reluctant to use AI

Many Vietnamese enterprises are still reluctant to use AI (artificial intelligence) because they are unable to arrange capital and human resources, and are afraid of their jobs being replaced,

Net-zero strategy: retailers wrap vegetables with banana leaves

Amid the green consumption trend, big retailers in Vietnam have shifted to environmentally friendly products, wrapping vegetables with banana leaves and installing machines for clients to receive money for discarded waste.

Surge in Hanoi suburban apartment prices leaves workers struggling

Real estate experts express surprise and concern as suburban apartment prices in Hanoi reach unprecedented levels, making home ownership increasingly unattainable for workers.

From Germany to Vietnam: How young entrepreneur revolutionized rice distribution

Driven by her love for her homeland, Dang Thuy Linh, a young female entrepreneur born in 1981, returned to Vietnam from Germany to build the high-value "My Nhan Lang Gao" brand, aiming to conquer both domestic and international markets.

Trinh Van Quyet trial to start in mid-July

Trinh Van Quyet, considered the mastermind of a crime with assistance from accomplices, was charged with allegedly falsely inflating FLC stockholder equity from VND1.5 billion to VND4.3 trillion.

Renewable energy allowed to be traded directly

Producers and customers can now directly buy and sell clean energy through a power purchase agreement, with electricity prices determined by mutual agreement between both parties.