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Vietnam climbs to 32nd in world energy transition rankings

Learn about the key factors contributing to Vietnam's 32nd rank in the clean energy transition index and what lies ahead for its sustainable energy journey.

Circular agriculture a game changer for rice industry

With 40 million tonnes of straw produced yearly across the country, efficient recycling and reuse can deliver significant benefits to farmers while contributing to VN commitments made to the international community to reduce the country’s emissions.

Vietnam moves to revise GDP growth scenario for 2024, sticks to 7% rate

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has revised two scenarios for Vietnamese economic growth this year after recording a high growth rate of 6.42% during the first half of the year, with high hopes of securing a 7% rate by the end of the year.

Lending interest rates drop, but businesses dare not borrow money

Businesses have confirmed that commercial banks now are lending capital at low interest rates, below 5 percent. However, many businesses don’t intend to borrow money as they lack orders.

Vietnamese businesses still reluctant to use AI

Many Vietnamese enterprises are still reluctant to use AI (artificial intelligence) because they are unable to arrange capital and human resources, and are afraid of their jobs being replaced,

Net-zero strategy: retailers wrap vegetables with banana leaves

Amid the green consumption trend, big retailers in Vietnam have shifted to environmentally friendly products, wrapping vegetables with banana leaves and installing machines for clients to receive money for discarded waste.

Surge in Hanoi suburban apartment prices leaves workers struggling

Real estate experts express surprise and concern as suburban apartment prices in Hanoi reach unprecedented levels, making home ownership increasingly unattainable for workers.

From Germany to Vietnam: How young entrepreneur revolutionized rice distribution

Driven by her love for her homeland, Dang Thuy Linh, a young female entrepreneur born in 1981, returned to Vietnam from Germany to build the high-value "My Nhan Lang Gao" brand, aiming to conquer both domestic and international markets.

Trinh Van Quyet trial to start in mid-July

Trinh Van Quyet, considered the mastermind of a crime with assistance from accomplices, was charged with allegedly falsely inflating FLC stockholder equity from VND1.5 billion to VND4.3 trillion.

Renewable energy allowed to be traded directly

Producers and customers can now directly buy and sell clean energy through a power purchase agreement, with electricity prices determined by mutual agreement between both parties.

Intel and LG bypass Vietnam for billion-dollar projects: Analyzing the reasons

Foreign corporations such as Samsung, Intel, and LG have surveyed Vietnam for potential investment but ultimately decided to invest their billion-dollar projects in other countries.

Over 200 linked to Trinh Van Quyet’s crimes evade trial

Over 200 individuals, including relatives and acquaintances of former FLC Group Chairman Trinh Van Quyet, have been implicated in assisting his criminal activities. However, they will not face trial.

Quang Tri to unveil investment opportunities in 30 key projects

A conference to invite investments and reveal more details for ambitious plans for Quang Tri will be held on July 6

VN’s export products encounter 253 trade defence lawsuits

Those include 138 anti-dumping investigations, 50 self defence cases, 37 anti-evasion of trade remedies and 27 anti-subsidy cases.

Vietnam’s steel exports affected by EU’s extension of safeguard measures

The European Commission has extended safeguard measures on steel products for two more years until June 2026, impacting many steel exporting countries, including Vietnam.

Vietnam's path to a green economy: Challenges and opportunities

Vietnam is progressing its energy transition by decreasing its dependence on fossil fuel-based electricity and prioritising the development of clean, sustainable energy sources to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Rail transport gains two-digit growth

In the first six months of the year, Vietnam Railway Corporation's total revenue rose by 10 per cent year-on-year to more than VNĐ4.5 trillion, including VNĐ3 trillion from the parent company, up by 11.2 per cent.

Vietnam Airlines to receive new planes this month

National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines will receive new Airbus A320neo and Boeing 787-10 planes in July, the airline has announced.

Developing EV charging stations crucial for promoting green transport: Insiders

Developing charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) is an important part of the country’s scheme to promote the use of EVs in Vietnam to build a green transport system, according to insiders.

Man boasting of 'secret' way to earn money owns business with modest income

Nguyen Thanh Tien had introduced himself as the best-paid real estate expert in Vietnam, who teaches the secret to earn millions of dollars, own islands, and get rich from real estate. However, his business is incurring losses.