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Cao Bang Province has new Party Chief

Lieutenant General Tran Hong Minh has been appointed as Party Secretary of Cao Bang province. 

Incense-making craft of Nung ethnic group in Cao Bang

The craft of producing incense practiced by the Nung ethnic minority in the northern province of Cao Bang has been passed down from generation to generation.

Phia Den mountain: Hometown of glass noodles

Phia Den mountain, Cao Bang province, is considered hometown of glass noodle as natural conditions here are ideal for not only growing its ingredient – canna, but also for its making process.

Cao Bang: Six get death sentence for trafficking large amount of heroin

The People's Court in northern Cao Bang Province has handed down a series of jail sentences to 12 people involved in the province’s largest drug smuggling ring at court on Monday.

Knife village retains traditional craft

Phuc Sen village in the northern province of Cao Bang is not a place first-time visitors might want to stay long, as the noise may come as a shock.

Exploring Cao Bang in spring

Cao Bang, a northeastern mountainous province, has a total area of over 6,703km², of which the forests and mountains account for over 90%.

VN firms urged to monitor exports to China

The Import and Export Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade urged firms to closely watch exports of agricultural products to China to prevent goods getting stuck at border gates before and after the Lunar New Year holiday.

New Year celebrations of Giay ethnic people

The Giay ethnic group live mainly in the northern mountainous provinces of Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Lai Chau, and Cao Bang.

VN's boarding school model encourages more students to class

School has become a second home for many ethnic minorities students in the mountainous districts of Cao Bang Province in recent years.

People sleep outside after Cao Bang earthquakes

Many people in the northern province of Cao Bang's Trung Khanh District slept outside on Thursday evening for fear of earthquakes.

Hanoi assures residents after tremors

The Hanoi Department of Construction closely checks the geological factors to ensure earthquake resistance in the construction of high-rise buildings, said Nguyen Quang Huy, a representative from the department.


Hanoi hit again by Cao Bang earthquake

Many residents in high-rise apartment buildings in Hanoi continued facing light shakes early this morning, November 28.


Hanoi experiences powerful tremor

An earthquake occurred in many areas near Hoan Kiem Lake, Giay Bridge and Ha Dong district in capital city of Hanoi at 8:20am today. 


Vietnamese representative unveils Miss World 2019 introduction video

Luong Thuy Linh, Vietnam’s representative at Miss World 2019, has released an introductory video clip which heavily features her hometown of Cao Bang ahead of the start of the beauty pageant.

Knife village retains traditional craft

Phuc Sen Village in the northern province of Cao Bang is not a place first-time visitors might want to stay long, as the noise may come as a shock.

Traditional clothes of the Nung

The indigo clothes of the Nung in Cao Bang province are distinguishable from others by their designs, which have very few decorations or embroidery. Nung clothing reflects their culture and customs.

Weaving – traditional craft of Tay ethnic minority

Brocades are typical weaving and sewing products of the Tay people in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang. 

Better access to information means better chances to thrive

Meticulously wrapping a white linen scarf around her head, adjusting a silver necklace, Ly Thi Mai made the final touches before joining her friends.

Vietnamese geopark among world’s best views

A UNESCO-recognized geopark in the northern province of Cao Bang has been listed among 50 best views in the worldin the world by U.S. news site Insider.

Tay woman reaches academic success

 “What is behind such high mountains?” The innocent question used to appear regularly in the mind of Dr Ngan Luong, a member of the Tay ethnic minority group.