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More and more big guys in the world have announced their direct investments in Vietnam, which, in the eyes of analysts, shows that foreign investors have confidence on the prosperity of the Vietnam’s economy.


 Vung Tau to host Int'l Seaports Festival; Geographical indications safeguard local trademarks; EU says will welcome Vietnam’s GI goods; Vietnam’s digital content market fetches US$1.3 billion

Vietnamese businesses find it hard to break into “Myanmar gold mine”

The expensive offices for rent, the poor infrastructure and the cutthroat competition in Myanmar have all put big difficulties for the Vietnamese enterprises to squeeze into the Myanmar market.


Russian firm approved for a car and bus plant; Talks on FTA with EU hit snags; Highway to project completion; Supporting industry needs to muscle up; $7bn power plan faces short circuiting

Lotte cherishes ambitious business plan in Vietnam

The merger and acquisition (M&A) deals Lotte concluded recently shows its ambitious investment plan in Vietnam.

Big guys try to transfer property projects to stop loss

The HCM City in the first quarter of 2013 witnessed 4 high-rise building project transfer deals worth $600 million, according to CBRE, a real estate service provider.

The moves to be taken by Viettel when playing pay-TV games

Viettel, one of the three biggest telecom groups in Vietnam, holds for certain the “admission ticket” to the pay-TV market. What will it do to compete with the existing experienced content service providers?

Vietnam plans to strengthen post-licensing control to heighten FDI quality

Vietnam believes that it’s now the right time to shift from the pre-licensing to post-licensing inspection over foreign invested projects to improve the foreign direct investment (FDI) quality.


Foreign investor decree clarified; Fuel hike to drive up fares; Businesses turn to black market for capital; Socio-economic picture in first quarter; Vietnam turns sci-tech into key driving force

NFSC say interest rates can be dumped further to 10 percent

NFSC has said he can see the possibility of slashing the ceiling deposit interest rate further to 7 percent, thus paving the way for the lending interest rate reduction to 10 percent per annum.

Manufacturers to die gradually on the policy on motorbike restriction

Motorbike manufacturers have got numbed on the information that the government of Vietnam would restrict the number of motorbikes in circulation.

VND30 trillion credit package can rescue real estate market?

Doubts have been raised whether if the VND30 trillion package can save the sinking real estate market. VND30 trillion is believed to be just a “grain of salt in the ocean.”

Medical waste may be brought from the central to the south for treatment

Local authorities all stated they would allocate budgets for building medical waste incinerators. However, medical waste still has not been treated.

MPI, local authorities disagree on decentralization mechanism

MPI believes that it’s not the right time to apply the decentralization mechanism in licensing foreign direct investment (FDI) projects.

The absurd multi-billion dong projects

A lot of projects with the estimated investment capital of tens or hundreds of billions of dong have been proposed, while people have to think twice before spending any dong.

Laws create the bans, but don’t stipulate punishments

The Enterprise Law and relating laws stipulate that enterprises must not use the same names registered before by other enterprises. However, it does not mention how to punish the violators.

Lacking capital, businesses look daggers at SCIC

If the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) only does the simple work of depositing the state’s money at banks for profit, it would be better for it to get dissolved.

SOEs’ bad debt a threat to public debt payment

The government would have to come forward to make payment for the debts incurred by state owned enterprises (SOEs), which would be a threat to the national economy.

Higher foreign ownership ratio will help IPO shares to be salable

Analysts have warned about the possible oversupply of shares when a series of equitized enterprises would make IPO.

As fortunate as SCIC

Deposit interests and dividends were the two main sources of income for the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC).