Update news capital

A lot of venture investment funds have been set up in Vietnam. However, due to many reasons, the venture funds still cannot make adventurous investments as per their nature.

The ones who earn big money in economic crisis

While tens of thousand of businesses went bankrupted, a lot of others still can earn big money with small scaled business.

Businesses try every trick to borrow capital

Unable to access bank loans, businesses have to play tricks to seek loans from other different sources.

Trying to avoid typhoons in Vietnam, domestic businesses eyeing Myanmar

A lot of Vietnamese businessmen now plan to march towards Myanmar, an emerging potential market.

Finding ways to develop mechanical industry

Improper investment, capital, and technology policies have prevented the mechanical industry from reaching its set targets over the past ten years.

Vietnam seeks a special mechanism to assist domestic Internet firms

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) is thinking of a special mechanism which encourage domestic firms develop Internet services such as social networks or search engines.

In crisis, multi-million dollar villas attract Vietnamese millionaires

VietNamNet Bridge – While the real estate market gets frozen, multi-million dollar villas still can be sold well. It’s now the right time for the “big guys” to buy luxurious villas, as they have become cheaper than ever.

SBV Governor would be on a “hot seat” in 2013

Observes have commented that the unsettled big problems would put a heavy burden on the Governor of the State Bank--Nguyen Van Binh on the next year of his term.

It’s time for foreign investors to get real estate projects for a song

The lack of investment capital and gloomy domestic market have brought golden opportunities to foreign investors to buy real estate projects for knock-down prices.

Banks focus on collecting debts, restrict disbursement

Unlike 2012, commercial banks now can easily mobilize capital from the public. However, the capital flow has got stuck, because banks cannot push up lending.

Vietnam’s high technology law sets overly high requirements on investors

Involved parties still argue about how “high technology projects” means.

The story about SCIC and the milk cow (part 2)

A question has been raised on how the SCIC’s fate would be if one day, it has to abandon Vinamilk shares?


 New tactic employed for tackling unsold apartments; Textile industry to earn 20 billion USD early; Vietnam to develop credit information database; Ministry activates fuel price stabilisation fund

Investors rush to inject money in hydropower plants, ignoring warnings

VietNamNet Bridge – More and more hydropower plant projects have been drawn up by investors, who have heard that Vietnam is thirsty for power for its industrialization process.

Having to make higher provisions, banks threaten to break lending

Commercial banks have warned that the credit flow may get stuck when the new regulation on debt classification takes effects on June 1, 2013.

Local authorities fight each other to scramble for foreign investors

All localities have geared up for the race to lure more foreign investors, especially when economists have predicted a new foreign direct investment wave heading for Vietnam.

Exporters feel excited about widened door to Japanese market

Vietnamese enterprises have geared up to prepare to boost their exports to the Japanese market – the market which is believed to open more widely after the official visit by the newly elected Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

A lot of banks change hands before the Year of the Snake

VietNamNet Bridge – The banking sector has become boisterous with a lot of big shareholders selling their shares in big quantities to quit the business field. Meanwhile, a lot of hidden “big guys” have jumped on the bandwagon.

MOF plans to reserve investment incentives for expanded projects

The expanded investment projects will also be able to enjoy the investment incentives like the ones given before to the initial projects, if the proposal of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) is ratified by the National Assembly.

Foreign investment in real estate: don’t judge a man by his looks

The foreign direct investment (FDI) in the real estate sector in HCM City decreased sharply in 2012. However, experts say this is not bad news at all.