car imports skyrocket throughout october picture 1

The country mainly imported CBU vehicles from markets such as Thailand, Indonesia, and China. Among them, Thailand made up the largest supplier with 4,580 units, followed by Indonesia with 3,200 units, and China with nearly 800 units.

The number of cars imported from these three major markets accounted for 95% of Vietnam’s total car imports during the reviewed period.

Imported cars with nine seats or less amounted to 8,220 units, up 32.6%, while trucks hit more than 900 units, up 47.2% compared to last month.

Overall, the country purchased a total of 103,800 CBU vehicles throughout the first 10 months of the year, representing a decrease of 19.4% year on year.

The general department also revealed that businesses spent US$392 million on importing auto parts and accessories in October, up 30.5% month on month.

Between the beginning of the year and the end of last month, the country’s total import turnover of auto parts and components reached US$3.3 billion, representing a decline of 31% year on year.

Source: VOV