Exam cheating scandal shows dark side of Vietnam’s education

Son La caught in high school exam cheating scandal

Modified test results from Hoa Binh cheating scandal discarded




Candidates review their scores after the English test during the National High School Examination. Photo for illustration only.



The hearing, however, will be private for the ministries to disclosure all information, said the Committee Chairman Phan Thanh Bình on the sidelines of the 33rd meeting of the NA Standing Committee on Thursday, Thanh Niên (Young people) newspaper reports.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, in the National High School Examination 2018, some 200 candidates in the three provinces had their scores modified upwards including 114 students from Hà Giang, 64 from Hoà Bình and 44 from Sơn La.

Many of them are children of provincial officials and enrolled in prestigious schools of police, military, medicine and education.

All of the modified test results were dismissed.

As many as 25 students studying at police and military universities were immediately discharged while those whose real results were lower than the entrance scores of other universities were also expelled.

Up to 16 officials involved in the scandal have been arrested.

The scandal was revealed after abnormal high results from the provinces were announced in July, 2018.

One day after the announcement, on July 12, 2018, MoET asked Hà Giang Province to review all tests.

Since 2015, the high school graduation and university entrance exams have been combined into one national exam.

Candidates take tests in maths, literature, foreign language, natural sciences (including physics, chemistry and biology) and social sciences (history, geography and citizen education). All the tests are multiple-choice except for literature. — VNS