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The State needs to be wary of new business registration applicants and M&A deals related to Chinese investors, Bui Ngoc Son from the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) has said.

Chinese investors step up acquisitions of Vietnamese firms amid Covid-19 crisis

The rise in the number of Chinese investors acquiring stakes in Vietnamese firms amid the Covid-19 pandemic has put domestic industry and production at risk, as domestic firms might gradually be pushed out of the market.

Two Chinese-invested firms own rights to 21 land lots in Danang

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Danang City said on September 20 that two firms with Chinese involvement own the rights to 21 coastal land lots in the central city.

North-south expressway: Chinese contractors account for majority

While Japanese contractors are absent, many Chinese enterprises have registered to attend the bids for eight component projects of the north-south rail expressway project.

Chinese capital continues to flow to Vietnam

Chinese investors are pouring money ino Vietnam as a shelter from the US-China trade war.

Vietnam warned against being too eager for Chinese capital

Welcoming foreign investments, economists have once again warned about the negative impact that Chinese investments have had on Vietnam’s economy.

China becomes biggest foreign investor in Vietnam

Chinese investment has generated jobs and brought capital, but it may also bring about environmental risks and cause problems in foreign worker management, experts say.

Chinese investors buy a series of Vietnamese companies

VietNamNet Bridge - China is among the four biggest foreign direct investors, and Chinese investors have contributed $280 million worth of capital to 593 projects in Vietnam.

China's August imports fall 14.3% on oil prices

 China's imports in August fell 14.3% in yuan-denominated terms from a year ago, while exports fell by 6.1%.


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Vietnamese investors regret Chinese technology purchases

Using Chinese production line and equipment, a fertilizer plant of the Ninh Binh Nitrate Company has been taking losses, while eight northern provinces periodically suffer outages because of Chinese transformers.

China ODA withdrawal won't threaten infrastructure projects

Viet Nam has diversified capital sources for infrastructure projects, Dinh La Thang, Minister of Transport told the Viet Nam Economic Times.

NA deputies urge steps to reduce economic reliance on China

VietNamNet Bridge – National Assembly deputies on June 2 urged the Government to take steps to lessen the country’s economic dependence on China as East Sea tensions with the northern neighboring country may leave adverse impact

Chinese “capital flight” drives cash towards Vietnamese real estate market

 VietNamNet Bridge – So-called “Chinese capital flight” – that is, Chinese investors fleeing from China– may cause the flow of Chinese capital into Vietnam to soar in the years to come.

Chinese ODA-funded project: MOC says it’s MOT’s fault

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Construction (MOC) has insisted that the investor, design consultant, project planner and EPC contractor must accept responsibility for the projected cost overruns of the Cat Linh-Ha Dong railway project.

China’s slowdown to impact Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – Having close trade relations with China, Vietnam will undoubtedly feel the effects of its neighbor’s slowdown in economic growth.

Chinese way won’t lead Vietnam to success: experts

 VietNamNet Bridge – Some Vietnamese economists are worried about the increasing influence of Chinese on Vietnam in trade, technology, and investment. They argue that, if Vietnam blindly follows the Chinese way, it will fail.

Vietnam warned about the “erodent investment wave” from China

 VietNamNet Bridge – China has never been listed among the biggest foreign investors in Vietnam. However, it has always been a special noteworthy investor.

China pours more money into Vietnam, raising bigger worries

 VietNamNet Bridge – At least four textile and garment Chinese companies have registered their large-scaled investment projects in Vietnam over the last month.

Investments from China could be the double edge knife

 VietNamNet Bridge – Chinese investors have been flocking to Vietnam, pouring money into the two main business fields – textile & garments and real estate.