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Ministry of Construction proposes no time limit for condo ownership

The Ministry of Construction has proposed not setting a time limit for condo ownership in the draft of the amended Housing Law, citing concerns over huge impact on society.

Condotels, resort villas to be granted ownership certificates

Construction works used for tourism accommodations built on commercial and service land, such as condotels and resort villas, will be granted ownership certificates if they meet requirements.

Experts warn of hot growth, oversupply of resort real estate

The massive development of resort real estate has led to an oversupply in the market.

Resort apartments are no longer a 'gold mine' investment

Condotels, which were once seen as lucrative investments, are now causing headaches for Vietnamese investors.

A pivotal time to capture tourism property potential

Vietnam should complete a sturdy legal framework in order to allow non-nationals to buy tourist property in the country, according to international experts.

Policy on condotel transfer could be exploited for illegal profit

According to the Ministry of Construction (MOC), the purchase and sale of condotels must observe the laws on real estate because condotels are considered a kind of construction work.

Licensed tourism, resort property projects decline in number in third quarter, condotel market quiet

The Ministry of Construction (MOC) reported a 46.7 percent decrease in the number of tourism and resort real estate projects in Q3 in comparison with Q2 this year.

Hanoi authorities to inspect farmstay projects, land violations

The Hanoi People’s Committee has assigned the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment to set up a taskforce to inspect farmstay projects and deal with land law violations.

Gov’t Inspectorate proposes PM stop licensing new condotel projects

As many localities have granted licenses to a series of condotel projects that may pose high risks of disputes and lawsuits, the Government Inspectorate has proposed the prime minister stop licensing these new projects.

Hourly leased apartments to be regulated by law

The HCM City Real Estate Association (HOREA) has proposed amending the Housing Law and 2014 Law on Real Estate Business to recognize short-term leasing of apartments as a legal business.

HCM City tightens licensing of condotels, resort villas

Local authorities have been asked to carefully consider the granting of new licenses to projects with condotels, following many problems that have been discovered.

Local authorities tighten control over investments in condotels

Hanoi local authorities are seeking to strengthen management over the construction, investment and trade of condotels, officetels and resort villas.

Vietnam should not allow foreigners to own condotels: HOREA

With warnings from the Ministry of National Defence and Ministry of Public Security, the HCM City Real Estate Association (HOREA) believes that it is not the right time to allow foreigners to owns condotels and tourist villas.

Condotels no longer hot, farmstays the ‘rising star’

After several years of witnessing the strong rise of condotels, Vietnam’s real estate market is now seeing a new trend in farmstays.

Ministries disagree on legalizing condotels as houses

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) does not want condotels converted into houses and does not want to grant ‘red books’ (land-use right certificates) to all apartments.

Ministry proposes not allowing conversion of condotel into residential projects

The Ministry of Public Security has proposed not granting ownership certificates to allow condotels, tourist villas and officetels to be turned into residential projects.


Vietnam considers allowing foreigners to buy tourism property

The Ministry of Construction (MOC) has asked to amend the 2014 Housing Law and Real Estate Business Law, allowing foreign institutions and individuals to buy tourism properties in Vietnam.

VN condotel market: how long will the hibernation period last?

With the number of foreign travelers decreasing sharply and legal problems remaining unsettled, the condotel market is the 'darkest' part of the real estate market.

Court highlights Empire Group and Cocobay Danang for investigation

The Danang People's Court has brought complaints and denunciations of Empire Group and its Cocobay Danang to the attention of Danang Public Security Department.

More regulations needed to promote condotel market development

Detailed regulations are needed to promote a healthy condotel market, which has been going off-track for years due to an unclear legal framework, experts have said.