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1,000 websites infringing copyright of football broadcasts are blocked

From August 2022 to August 2023, nearly 1,000 websites illegally broadcasting football matches, including, and, were blocked, according to the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information (ABEI).

Vietnam loses US$350 million due to copyright infringement

Việt Nam ranks third in the region in terms of copyright infringement rate, with 15.5 million people regularly accessing pirated websites. In 2022,...

Copyright infringement increases in scope in digital environment

The forms and methods of copyright infringement are very sophisticated and change regularly with detailed information hidden and breaches conducted from overseas.

Stricter regulations needed to fight against copyright infringement

Piracy in Vietnam is happening as much as it is now partly due to victims’ indecision and hesitation in coming to the authorities to protect their rights.

Copyright infringement enters journalism field

Not just art works or entertainment products, newspaper articles are also copied illegally to gain illicit profits. It is high time this dangerous situation was stopped completely.

Copyright infringement becoming more complicated to handle

Copyright breach has become more complicated to manage. This is the conclusion at the meeting for the implementation of Decree No.131/2013/ND-CP, issued on October 16, 2013 by the Government on administrative punishment for copyright, related rights

Copyright infringement runs rampant online

Copyright infringement has been running rampant in Vietnam, causing great damages to its video industry, according to insiders.

Copyright infringement no longer "internal affair"

 VietNamNet Bridge – The problem of copyright infringement has been raised again in Vietnam as the producer of Superman X, a Vietnamese movie, asked authorities to identify the person who released the film on the Internet.

Microsoft sues local firm for copyright infringement

 VietNamNet Bridge – Microsoft has taken legal action against Austnam Joint Stock Company, a Hanoi-based metal roof tile and construction steel producer, for alleged copyright infringement.

Education publishing house slammed for copyright infringement

 VietNamNet Bridge – Authors who have their work published in school textbooks have never received royalties from the Education Publishing House, which is the only authorized textbook publisher in Vietnam.

Copyright infringement causes headache to OTT TVs

The three OTT televisions VTV Plus, VTC Play and FPT Play all complain that the piracy has been hindering the development of OTT TV. Meanwhile, the watchdog agency still has not set up regulations on the service provision.

Vietnamese author sues Apple for copyright infringement

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese singer and actress, Le Kieu Nhu, has filed suit against Apple for selling her novel on its App Store without seeking her consent.