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Digital content firms want government help when needed

While rice and catfish companies receive support from ministries and agencies when international disputes occur, digital content firms do not.

Copyright cases rise in face of integration

According to the 2022 International IP Index 2022 by the US Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam ranks 42 out of 55 countries included in the report.

Publishers compete to buy copyright of bestselling books

Stiff competition among publishers exists to buy the copyright of books, especially best-sellers.

Netflix denies purchase of phimmoi domain name

Vietnamese users were surprised when they were redirected to when they tried to access, a website that provides pirated movies.

Artists excited about electronic trading platform designed solely for them

Vietnamese artists are welcoming the establishment of an electronic trading floor where involved parties can meet for transactions, assess the value of products, and support artists on issues related to intellectual property.

Collection of music copyright fees in Vietnam growing

Copyright fees collected overseas for the use of Vietnamese music increased from nearly 2 billion VND (87,000 USD) in 2019 to more than 3.6 billion VND last year.

Around 40,000 pirated books seized from two houses in Hanoi

Approximately 40,000 pirated books were seized when police officers and inspectors raided two houses in Hanoi.

Association to protect cinema and television works set up

The Cinema and Television Works Copyright Protecting Association was established on Tuesday in Hanoi.

False copyright claims for videos earns big money on new Facebook platform

Facebook’s newly developed video platform has shown vulnerabilities which can be exploited by people to earn billions of dong a month from unlicensed content.

Student develops plan to use blockchain to prevent plagiarism

All data including articles, photos and research works would be stored on a blockchain platform, providing evidence to prove the authors’ ownership of the works, under a project developed by Dam Thi Thien Nhi, a student at FPT University. 

Vietnam OTT TV competes with foreign giants

VietNamNet Bridge - OTT TV is a playing field where Vietnamese players’ rivals are all ‘giants’, from Facebook to Google to Netflix. 

Piracy is the biggest challenge for Vietnam’s OTT market

VietNamNet Bridge - The domestic OTT market is entering a period of stiff competition with copyright posing the biggest pressure. 

Piracy hindering Vietnam’s television industry

Television companies, complaining that they are losing big money because of copyright infringement, have urged MIC to impose heavier sanctions on violators, saying the  television industry will not be able to develop.

Vietnamese scientists reluctant to register inventions

VietNamNet Bridge - Amateur inventors as well as scientists at research institutes and universities are also afraid of writing descriptions about their inventions when registering for patents.

Facebook fan pages in Vietnam unexpectedly eliminated

VietNamNet Bridge - The Facebook community and marketing directors have recently noticed the mysterious disappearance of many large fan pages with millions of likes each. 

Justin Bieber sued over riff in smash hit 'Sorry'

 Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and the co-writers of his 2015 smash hit "Sorry" are being sued for allegedly stealing a vocal riff from another artist who said she used it on her own song a year earlier.

Struggles with copyright infringement continue

Since using videos without permission, the national television VTV may have its YouTube account closed permanently. The struggle with copyright infringement has become hot once again.

Lecturer, college enter fray about textbook copyright

VietNamNet Bridge – Dr. Nguyen Van Tien, former lecturer of the College of Foreign Economic Relations (Cofer), has said the school had committed copyright infringement by using his textbook without permission.

Publishing house asked compensate writers for back royalties

 Several Vietnamese writers are considering legal action against Vietnam Education Publishing House for using their work without permission.

Khanh Ly show delayed due to copyright controversy

VietNamNet Bridge – Organisers have decided to delay a live show by legendary overseas singer Khanh Ly in due to continued arguments over copyrighted materials.