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Can cosmetics manufacturers make money in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - For new cosmetic brands which remain little known, it is not easy to make money. 

Vietnamese natural makeup brands prosper in home market

VietNamNet Bridge - After many years of using only French makeup, My Ha, 40, from Phu Nhuan district in HCM City has begun using natural products made by Vietnamese enterprises. 

Vietnam promising market for foreign cosmetics manufacturers

Vietnamese youth, who account for 60 percent of the total population, are a promising market for health and beauty products. The industry has an average growth rate of 30 percent per annum. 

Vietnam's US$2 billion cosmetics market controlled by foreign brands

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese spend an average of $4 a year per capita on beauty products and services, while women spend VND140,000 (nearly $6) a month. 

Another cosmetics brand bought by foreign company

A 2017 survey by Kantar WorldPanel in four large cities and several rural areas found that multinational brands such as Unilever and P&G have been dominant in the personal and home sectors over the last three years. 

Cosmetics manufacturers face thorny path to develop organic products

VietNamNet Bridge - Avoiding the crowded industrial cosmetics market segment, Vietnamese manufacturers are developing organic products. However, the path to success has not been smooth.

Vietnamese cosmetics less favored as foreign products dominate market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is a large cosmetics market with turnover of $1.1 billion last year, but there is now little room for Vietnamese manufacturers.

SK beauty services to land in Vietnam after tariff cuts

Many South Korean beauty service brands are seeking ways to penetrate the Vietnamese market through franchise models after the elimination of seven tariff lines on cosmetics.

Vietnamese spend billions of VND on imported cosmetics

Reports from the Trade Map of ITC and the World Bank show that Vietnam imported $500 million worth of cosmetics in 2011 and $1.1 billion in 2016, while the figure is expected to double by 2020 to $2.2 billion.

Nearly $700mil. cosmetics market still out of reach for Vietnamese firms

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese manufacturers have found it difficult getting a foothold in the cosmetics market, valued at VND15 trillion (nearly $700 million) with a high growth rate of 20 percent per annum.  

Vietnam’s beauty industry is lucrative market

VietNamNet Bridge - With tax reductions for beauty industry products included in free trade agreements (FTAs), Vietnam is seen as a promising market for cosmetics firms and foreign suppliers of beauty-care machines and equipment.

22,000 cosmetics with cancer causing preservative banned

 VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam is set to ban about 22,000 types of cosmetics containing five derivatives of Paraben that are suspected of causing breast cancer and male infertility.

Foreign cosmetics manufacturers change strategies in Vietnam

Cosmetics manufacturers are expected to import products to sell in the domestic market instead of producing goods in factories in Vietnam, as import tariff barriers will be removed next year.

Human skin grown in lab 'can replace animal testing'

 Skin grown in the laboratory can replace animals in drug and cosmetics testing, UK scientists say.

VN to regain home cosmetics market with natural materials

 VietNamNet Bridge – The number of Vietnamese cosmetics brands in the home market remains very modest. But the situation may get different in the future, as more investors plan to pour money into the sector.

Multilevel marketing still grows well

 VietNamNet Bridge – Despite economic woes, sales via multilevel marketing in Vietnam have steadily increased with over one million people involved in network marketing.