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Hue, the former imperial capital of Vietnam, is home to many traditional crafts, including special ones originating from mandarin workshops or ancient craft villages specialising in serving mandarins.

Artisans strive to keep traditional craft alive

Artisan Tran Van Ban is busy all day from early in the morning to the evening. He is carving out beautiful mooncake molds to serve people's demands for the Mid-Autumn Festival which is approaching in the next few weeks.

Artist goes potty preserving village craft

Huong Canh Pottery Village in Vinh Phuc Province is in danger of sinking into oblivion.

The tailor responsible for enhancing the beauty of women

Trach Xa Craft Village (Ung Hoa, Ha Noi) is not only famous for skillful tailors but also for men who are considered more dexterous than women.

The essence of Chu Dau pottery

Chu Dau is a brand that has spread far and wide and has connected the quintessence of pottery, bringing the country's traditional ceramic products to tourists both home and abroad.

Reclaimed driftwood inspires greener tourism in Hội An

Vast amounts of driftwood and rubbish pile up at Cua Dai beach in the south-central province of Quang Nam in flood season every October, costing the much-favoured coastal destination time and money in cleaning up. 

Hanoi’s birdcage craft village is unique in Vietnam

The reputation of the birdcage craft village comes from the artisans’ great knowledge about the behavior and the shape of different birds to make suitable cages in terms of both shape and size.

The story of a glass blowing craftsman

Mr. Ho Van Gung, in Giap Long Village, Thuong Tin District, Hanoi, has dedicated his whole life to keeping the traditional glass blowing craft alive.

Unique bamboo dragonflies are income earners for villagers on Hanoi’s outskirts

The steps to create bamboo dragonflies are simple but require meticulosity and accuracy in every detail.

Sa Chau fish sauce - specialty condiment of Nam Dinh province

Sa Chau village has long been famous for the traditional production of fish sauce whose pungent smell can grasp any visitor’s attention before they reach the village’s gate.

Dong Cuu - the only royal robe embroidering village in Hanoi

Dong Cuu village has long been famous for its traditional embroidery, especially the making of royal robes for kings of feudal dynasties in Vietnam, and the craft has still been upheld nowadays.

Nhat Tao Bell a valuable antique

Nhat Tao Bell, housed at Nhat Tao temple in Hanoi, is the sole antique made in the 10th century whose unique shape is different from others in pagodas and temples in Vietnam.

Tiger figurines: new mascot for the Year of the Tiger

Thousands of figurines depicting a tiger holding a gemstone in its mouth are being produced every day and selling out almost immediately by artisans in Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province.

The 100-year-old incense-making village in Saigon before Tet

Although the time is ripe for selling incense sticks, people do not see many of them in Le Minh Xuan incense-making village in HCM City.

Oodles of glass noodles ready for Tet at So Village

The canna noodles, or glass noodles, of So Village in Tan Hoa Commune, Quoc Oai District, have long been known as a specialty of the Hanoi countryside, loved far and wide. They are probably the most famous noodles in the country.

Tru Son clay pot making village ramps up production for Tet

Though not sophisticated, finicky or elaborate like Bat Trang or Phu Lang potteries, the clay pot making village in Tru Son Commune, Do Luong District, Nghe An Province is as rustic as the name itself.

Northern village finds its silk saviour

The greatest value of the commune’s tussore is that it is created from the love, and the skilful hands of craftswomen who have had the knowledge passed down for centuries.


Hundred-year-old incense-making village of ethnic Nung An

The incense making profession of the Nung An people in Phia Thap village has been passed down from generation to generation. All villagers know how to make incense.

Craft steel village forges ahead

The small road leading to Da Sy forging village is winding. From afar, the sound of anvils and hammers can be heard.

Tho Ha Village famed for rice paper and crackers

Located close to the peaceful Cau River, Tho Ha Village in the northern province of Bac Giang has developed a name for itself thanks to its original ancient architecture and specialty products – rice paper and crackers.