Ngoc Trinh wears a revealing dress at the Canes Film Festival on May 19.



Speaking to local media about the incident, the ministry's spokesperson, Nguyen Thanh Binh, suggested the model’s choice of dress was an offensive and accused the woman of deliberately trying to court attention. 

The official, who confirmed that the model had attended the event entirely at her own choice, also called on the media and public to condemn "such ridiculous behaviour", claiming that Trinh’s choice of attire was a bad way of portraying Vietnamese women.

"I think it is difficult for both Vietnamese and international audience to accept the way she dressed at that important event," Binh said.

Model Ngoc Trinh appeared at the Cannes Film Festival wearing a very revealing dress at the premiere of A Hidden Life on May 19.

The UK’s Daily Mail called it "the most daring outfit" as the 29-year-old model bared all in a see-through black bodice-style dress.

Speaking to the VietNamNet Newspaper, designer Do Long said he had worked with Ngoc Trinh on many projects and understands how to make an outfit that can flatter her.

“The idea of this design comes from snakes which are symbols of the allure and blossoming of women," the designer said. "I've employed the latest fashion trends and attempted to apply this to Trinh's body to create the dress. It took us a month to complete it by hand." Dtinews