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 VietNamNet Bridge – A huge fire at around 10am on Monday destroyed a 340-year-old communal house, recognised as a National Historical Relic Site.

Fire destroys 5,000sq.m. warehouse near Sai Gon Port

A huge blaze that broke out late on Thursday night destroyed some 5,000sq.m of a warehouse near Sai Gon Port in HCM City’s District 4.

HCM City destroys 22 tonnes of fake, substandard fertiliser

HCM City authorities on Tuesday destroyed nearly 22 tonnes of fake or substandard fertiliser without labels of origin worth VND300 million (US$13,000).

European ruling on olive tree cull sparks fear in Italy

 European countries can be forced to cull olive trees to stop the spread of a deadly bacterium, the European Union ruled on Thursday, sparking concern in a grove-dotted region of Italy.

Quang Nam authorities destroy illegal gold ore

 VietNamNet Bridge – Authorities on Saturday destroyed 10 tonnes of gold ore from the Bong Mieu gold mine that were handed over by Tam Lanh Commune residents in the central Quang Nam Province.

Russia destroys tonnes of foreign food imports

 Russia has bulldozed a pile of Western-produced cheese and tonnes of other foodstuffs imported in violation of sanctions.

Fire destroys storehouse in Dong Nai IZ

 VietNamNet Bridge – A huge fire broke out in a storehouse of Viet Long Packaging Company in Nhon Trach Industrial Zone 3 in Dong Nai Province last night, June 25.

Encroachers destroy forest in Phu Quoc Island

 VietNamNet Bridge – Forest rangers of Phu Quoc National Park forest protection unit discovered that almost 10,000sq.m of forests were destroyed in Ganh Dau Commune, Phu Quoc Island District.

Fire destroys tailor shop, kills 6

 VietNamNet Bridge – Six members of a family, including a pregnant woman and an 81-year-old woman, were killed early today when a fire broke out in their three-storey house in this northern city of Hai Phong.

Protective forest destroyed to build … cemetery

About nine hectares of the forest protecting against sand encroachment and climate change have been cleared to give place to a cemetery project covering an area of 10 hectares in Loc Ha district of Ha Tinh province.

Protective forests devastated everywhere, simultaneously

 VietNamNet Bridge – The protective forests throughout the country are bleeding. There are many reasons that induce businesses and people devastate the forests.

Starvation prompts people to deforest

 VietNamNet Bridge – The land grabbing has become more and more serious in mountainous areas. Local people, who suffer from hunger, try to clear forests and go get land for cultivation.

People destroy elephants’ house in central region

 VietNamNet Bridge – Dak Lak provincial authorities have allocated tens of thousands of hectares of forest land to private companies to grow rubber. The elephants’ house, therefore, has been devastated.

Syria chemical arms deal 'not an end point', Hollande says

French President Francois Hollande warned Sunday a US-Russian deal reached over the weekend to eradicate Syria's chemical arms arsenal was "not an end point",

Hanoi destroys tons of smuggled chickens

Hanoi authorities have discovered nearly 90 cases of illegal transportation of chicken and destroyed more than 35 tons of chicken and frozen chicken and 170,000 eggs in the past three months.

Destroying forest to seek rare herbs

The Central Highlands is favored with various varieties of rare herbs. However, the resources of herbs in this region are getting exhaust when thousands of people are flocking into the jungle to exploit them.