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Teacher Do Thuy Quyen and her students

The Ministry said that Covid-19 is both a challenge and an important test to evaluate the creativity and adaptation of the education sector, teachers and students in digital transformation. The use of digital technologies can help reduce the learning gap between learners in cities and rural areas.

Born and growing up in the mountainous Northern province of Yen Bai, teacher Do Thuy Quyen, Kindergarten in Suoi Giang commune in Van Chan district, understands the difficulties and hardships of children in the highlands. At the age of 36, Ms. Quyen has 17 years of working with preschool students. Loving her students, she has made an effort to improve student outcomes. In 2018, when joining Microsoft's Vietnam Creative Teachers Community, she had the opportunity to exchange and learn from colleagues in all corners of the country. She has used the Skype application to open interactive cross-border classes, connecting her classroom with the classes of other teachers in Vietnam and abroad.

Teacher Quyen also built the project 'Clean agricultural products - siding with children to school', and set up an application project to teach using smart robots. Currently, Ms. Quyen's class is using the Mtiny robot and Vex 123 robot for STEM education.

With efforts to narrow the gap for students from urban and mountainous rural areas with digital applications, teacher Le Thi Uyen of Nguyen Thien Thuat High School in the Northern Province of Hung Yen’s My Hao District who has more than 15 years of teaching has always studied active teaching methods and applied them.

Moreover, she has been finding new ways of learning to promote students' engagement and motivation to learn. To make learning more engaging, she often lets students participate in creative experiential activities. Learners can come up with ideas for the lesson by acting in plays, and fashion shows, drawing comics and composing poems about content related to the lesson. The atmosphere was lively when students worked in small groups to discuss concepts or find solutions to problems; thereby, it helped students maximize their abilities and forte.

In recent years, Ms. Uyen has set up an internet teaching fan page named Geography of teacher Uyen or School No. 4.0 of teacher Uyen to share her experiences with colleagues and help students have more learning resources. She received many awards for her work 'innovation and creativity in teaching and learning’. She was also invited to deliver lessons on television.

Digital transformation in teaching and learning TET ảnh 2

In this era, students can learn at home

From applying digital technology to teaching, a preschool teacher like Do Thuy Quyen can self-study to improve her own capacity, becoming an instructor for preschoolers to high school in technology, information and even STEM education. Any passionate and devoted teachers can do this if they love the teaching profession.

Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son acknowledged that, in the context of the country’s integration opportunities into the world, the Education and Training sector is identified as one of three strategic breakthroughs to pave the way and create favorable conditions for the development of the country; therefore, the education sector has undergone a major reform including mechanisms and policies, system administration, new infrastructure and teaching team.

But to innovate and reform, it is necessary to renew from thinking, policy mechanisms, and system administration to infrastructure and especially team renewal which is indispensable. Now, teachers not only need to have the same qualifications, knowledge and professional skills as ever, but also need to pioneer in digital transformation, digital education, and digital society. "The fake house must master modern educational technology and science, modern teaching means, and be proficient in modern scientific methods of testing and evaluation," said Minister Nguyen Kim Son.

The world changes every second, every minute. Knowledge explosion makes knowledge gained through technology abundant. Teachers need to have basic knowledge and be good at methods to guide students to search, develop self-equipped knowledge and accumulate unlimited knowledge.

According to the US News Education’s ranking of over 1400 best colleges and universities and hundreds of best graduate school programs in 2021, Vietnam's education ranks fifty-ninth. Vietnam is currently ranked in the top 10 most innovative education systems in the world. For 2023, the education industry faces many big tasks; amongst which, the implementation of strong digital transformation is considered a factor for the quality breakthrough.

Source: SGGP