According to the list, the website shared that from quaint coastal cities to cyclable towns, there is a destination for every type of traveler which can help them to have a more positive impact during their next trip, from check-in and beyond.

Song Cau Town in the southcentral coastal province of Phu Yen reveals dreamy destinations for sustainable getaway in 2024 picture 1
A resort in Song Cau Town

According to, Song Cau’s pristine beaches and charming fishing villages offer a beautiful glimpse into local life.

It suggested that visitors take time to explore the historic lighthouses, embark on scenic treks to capture panoramic views of Mui Dien Cape, or simply stroll through the village and observe the traditional practices still carried out by local shrimp farmers.

“Song Cau takes various sustainability measures like investing in community-based tourism models such as developing marine reserves and mangrove restoration projects that support local communities,” it noted.

The northern mountainous province of Ha Giang reveals dreamy destinations for sustainable getaway in 2024 picture 2
Breathtaking view in Ha Giang

Located in the northeastern mountainous region, Ha Giang is characterised by stunning karst mountains, steep passes, winding roads, and mist-shrouded villages.

It is home to a diverse array of ethnic minority groups who continue to preserve their traditional cultures and lifestyles.

The travel website stressed that it is famously described as the place "where flowers grow in rocks", with this symbolising both resilience and natural beauty.

“Ha Giang prioritizes cultural preservation and responsible tourism, ensuring that travelers have a positive impact on the local communities,” it added.

Hoi An Town in the central province of Quang Nam reveals dreamy destinations for sustainable getaway in 2024 picture 3
Hoi An Town in the central province of Quang Nam

The website recommended that foreign holidaymakers should explore the charming Hoi An Ancient Town with its well-preserved architecture, witness skilled artisans crafting traditional products, and embark on a captivating journey through the Bay Mau coconut forest on a basket boat tour where they can watch local people cast fishing nets and carry out their unique basket boat performances.

In addition, travelers can sign-up to participate in Vietnamese lantern making workshops and bring home their own handmade lanterns after being taught techniques by locals. Hoi An integrates conservation with tourism development, promoting activities which contribute to supporting local communities.

Quy Nhon, a coastal city in the south-central Vietnamese province of Binh Dinh reveals dreamy destinations for sustainable getaway in 2024 picture 4
Quy Nhon beach 

According to, in recent years Quy Nhon has become a hotspot for ecotourism.

“Initiatives such as strict coral reef protection measures and community efforts to keep the marine environment clean and beautiful ensure the sustaining of the vibrant marine ecosystem,” it revealed.

If beach lovers are seeking untouched coastlines, the website noted that they can explore Ky Co Eo Gio, one of Quy Nhon's most famous attractions, where they can marvel at uniquely shaped rock formations and the sparkling clear waters under the sunlight.

Additionally, Quy Nhon offers other stunning beaches which are perfect for aquatic activities such as swimming and snorkeling, including Hon Kho Beach, or alternatively guests can go camping and enjoying fresh seafood at Bai Xep.

The central city of Da Nang reveals dreamy destinations for sustainable getaway in 2024 picture 5
Da Nang city by night 

With 96% of Vietnamese travelers reporting an enhanced experience by renting a bike, Da Nang represents the ideal destination for those keen to explore the central city by bike. said that the city boasts excellent cycling routes, from serpentine paths through lush greenery to bridges over the Han River, thereby offering a scenic and comprehensive view of Da Nang simultaneously.

“Unwind on My Khe Beach, renowned for its gentle slope, making it perfect for a leisurely bike ride along the shore. Da Nang is known for emission-free exploration thanks to its relatively low traffic and designated cycling paths,” it stressed.

Ho Chi Minh City reveals dreamy destinations for sustainable getaway in 2024 picture 6
Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City

Upon mentioning on Ho Chi Minh City, shared that visitors will have the chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant energy of the southern metropolis, a city that is brimming with history and culture.

According to details given by the website, travelers will have the chance to explore the bustling markets which are full of local produce and handcrafted goods, marvel at the architectural wonders, embark on a scenic river cruise along the Saigon river, or grab a cocktail at the dozens of sky-high rooftop bars.

They can also experience a traditional cyclo city tour to enjoy an environment and culturally enriching experience, it noted.

Since 2023, Ho Chi Minh City has implemented ASEAN tourism standards in a bid to ensure a balance between tourism and environmental protection.