According to, Vietnamese banh mi (bread) refers to a special kind of sandwich as it is a culinary fusion of two cultures, Vietnam and France, whilst serving as a prime example of how food is always closely linked with history.

“Known as a street food that is convenient yet tasty, banh mi can be found almost anywhere across Vietnam. From food critics, celebrity chefs, famous global food awards and cuisine recommendations, the dish can be found as a much loved street food by anyone,” it wrotes.

Here are the top six destinations for enjoying banh mi in Vietnam:

There’s a variety of banh mi throughout Vietnam's capital city of Hanoi to enjoy during every season. In addition to the typical ‘sandwich’, there’s a specialty dish called ‘pan-fried banh mi’.

“Bread will be toasted and served while they’re still hot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. On a sizzling small pan, there are toppings to stuff in the bread to your taste which include but not limited to omelet, pate, sausage, steak, jambon, melted butter,” wrote.

According to, Thua Thien-Hue province's specialty is ‘rice-dumpling banh mi’. Lightly toasted over charcoal, the bread achieves a crispiness that goes well with rice dumpling cake. 

“A good rice dumpling cake would have a supple, transparent flour cover that shows its shrimp and meat fillings. Adding a few slices of chasiu, herbs, chili, sugar, fish-sauce and chasiu gravy, and there comes a combination of rich, delicious, buttery taste that can be found nowhere else,” it said.

The central coastal city of Nha Trang offers a unique banh mi, which makes use of sea fish, the best local ingredient. 

The typical salty taste from the ocean and the natural deliciousness of fresh fish creates the golden fried fish cake, which is sweet, salty, flavoursome, slightly crispy, yet still soft, and serves as the soul of the fish cake bánh mì.

It suggested that visitors enjoy the dish while it's still hot, with it sure to leave an unforgettable aftertaste for any foodie.

According to, the ancient town of Hoi An bread stands out and makes it on to the bucket list of many visitors who visit the old central town. 

“Once filmed and praised by Anthony Bourdain in his famed travel show No Reservations, Banh Mi Phuong was rated as the best in Hoi An - a ‘symphony in a sandwich’. If you would like to avoid the long queue of visitors in front of Banh Mi Phuong, try other local stores such as Banh Mi Madam Khanh, Banh Mi co Lanh,” it suggested.

The resort city of Da Lat might be the only city where banh mi is slowly consumed with a bowl of hot meat-ball soup amid the breeze of a peaceful morning.  

“How xiu mai, a Chinese dish, ended up in Vietnam, let alone the mist-soaked hills of Da Lat, is still up to debate, but there is no doubt the bread-accompanying meatballs are the vacation destination’s most ubiquitous dish. On nearly every street corner, one notices food carts filled with fresh baguettes resting above a pot of pork orbs simmering in sauce,” wrote.

Ho Chi Minh City is the place where not only the variety of banh mi is enough for a day-tour, but travelers can also find almost all varieties of Vietnamese banh mi in the city.

“One specialty of Saigon's banh mi is xiu mai salted egg. After being marinated, the meatball will be wrapped around a salted egg, and will be steamed. The steamed meatball and salted egg will then be boiled in a sweet, naturally red-orange color sauce to soften even more and absorb extra flavors,” it said.

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