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According to a new scheme approved by the Prime Minister, the value of non-cash payments would be 25 times higher than GDP and the proportion of the payment method in e-commerce would account for 50% by 2025.

Commodity exports via e-commerce promoted during COVID-19 pandemic

Representatives from State management bodies and companies speak about the advantages and challenges Vietnamese businesses face in e-commerce, especially commodity exports.

Vietnam fails to collect tax from cross-border e-commerce

As trading activities on e-commerce platforms bring huge profits, collecting tax has become a burning issue for many countries.

The digital economy in the new normal

Vietnam’s e-commerce has been growing rapidly, and when the pandemic is over, the e-commerce market is expected to be even more robust.


Healthy competition crucial for e-commerce logistics

Better regulations are expected to come into play to facilitate the growth of Vietnam’s e-commerce logistics sector.

Indicators to measure Vietnam's digital economy needed

The set of indicators will fully reflect every aspect of the digital economy, including digital infrastructure, the popularity of digital means, online services, and human resources.

E-commerce turns small businesses into big cross-border traders

Many business owners have found major partners after joining international B2B marketplaces.

Food prices in Vietnam the cheapest in Southeast Asia

According to a report by iPrice, grocery prices in Vietnam are among the cheapest in Southeast Asia after comparing prices for groceries in Southeast Asia from Numbeo.

Vietnam to issue a tax decree on cross-border e-commerce

Vietnam intends to issue a new decree to regulate cross-border e-commerce deliveries amidst the e-commerce boom.

E-commerce platforms resume delivery in HCM City as ban is lifted in red zones

E-commerce platforms have resumed deliveries in HCM City and some of the city’s extremely high risk areas (red zones) since August 30, a week after they were banned.

Agriculture Ministry to open new path for farm produce sales

“We have to figure out a new ‘farm produce path’ that allows us to connect fields and markets,” said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan.


E-commerce platform imports billions of US dollars of Chinese goods

The Vietnamese Ministry of Finance believes that it is necessary to have regulations to control exports and imports transacted through e-commerce platforms.

Online Vo So platform sells food in HCM City

After HCM City resumed operation of goods delivery services on August 31, Viettel Post and Vo So e-commerce platform opened an "online market" to provide food and essential goods for people at hcm.voso.vn.

Vietnam assists exports of handicrafts via Amazon

Domestic enterprises have the opportunity to bring handicraft products to the global market via the US e-commerce giant.

Cross-border e-commerce opens 'green lane' for local businesses

The coronavirus pandemic has hit almost every country in the world, including Vietnam, causing disruption in the global supply chain. 

Firms get help to partner with Amazon to fuel export

Some special cooperation programmes are being carried out by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) with a view to helping Vietnamese enterprises boost exports via e-commerce giant Amazon.

Vietnam vows to place 5 million farming households on e-commerce sites

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Anh Tuan has urged creating detailed plans on putting farming households on e-commerce sites.

Businesses discover online channel route to surviving COVID

Many HCM City businesses, even small traders in traditional markets who are not usually thought to be tech-savvy, have been focusing on selling online and networking to survive, or even thriving, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

5 million farmer households to sell produce online this year

Postmart and Voso have trained farmers to organize livestreams, and advertise their products by shooting video or taking photo. They can create their own booths and sell products on these floors even during the time of social distancing.


ASEAN Online Sale Day 2021 attracts 300 businesses

ASEAN Online Sale Day 2021, the biggest online shopping event of all ASEAN consumers, is scheduled to begin at 00.00hrs on August 8 and last through to 24.00hrs on August 24.