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Vietnam’s e-commerce market has value of $14 billion (Photo: Trong Dat)

Its 2023 global survey on the warehousing sector showed that 58 percent of managers in the field plan to use RFID (ratio frequency identification) technology.

RFID identifies and collects data through radio frequencies. A specialized reader device will identify and read the information inside the chip on the RFID tag from a long distance. In warehouse management, RFID technology is used to track and manage goods and assets during the movement and storage process.

In the next five years, most managers in the warehousing sector plan to deploy fixed, passive or portable readers and data scanning solutions. The new technology in warehousing aims at improving goods and workforce supervision and coordination.

Analysts have cited statistics as saying that 75 percent of workers in the warehousing and storage sector need to improve performance to satisfy high demand in e-commerce. Inaccurate information about warehousing and lack of control of goods are the major factors affecting warehousing capacity.

Warehouse managers globally use technology to digitize. A recent study by Interact Analysis found that automation projects in the warehousing sector will see sharp growth in 2024.

In Vietnam, in the 2024-2032 period, the warehousing sector is predicted to have an annual compound growth rate of 11 percent. 

Christanto Suryadarma, president of Zebra Technologies, said the warehousing sector in Vietnam has been growing rapidly because of the impact from the e-commerce boom.

The revenue of the five largest e-commerce platforms in Vietnam in 2023 reached VND232.2 trillion, according to Metric.

He cited reports as saying that Vietnam’s e-commerce market has value of $14 billion and the figure is expected to rise to $32 billion by 2025. 

Previously, warehouses were operated manually, which needed pen and paper. The work wasted time while mistakes were made often. With the old way of warehouse coordination, it was difficult for managers to know the exact inventory level and the way everything operated.

These new changes are expected to not only affect the warehousing sector, but also the way of managing entire supply chains.

Trong Dat