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PM Pham Minh Chinh wants Vietnam to attract major investors from all over the world to develop the electric vehicle industry, according to an official document issued recently by the Government’s Office.

Vietnam expects new wave of electric vehicles in 2022

Vietnam will reduce the excise tax and registration fee placed on electric cars, with these two preferential policies anticipated to become a lever in which the local electric vehicle market, which is in its infancy, can quickly develop in 2022.

Electric vehicles to be subject to tax incentives in Vietnam

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoIT) has said it is cooperating with the Ministry of Finance to consider the provision of tax incentives to encourage the development and use of electric vehicles in Vietnam.

Vietnam in good position to start electric-car industry

Vietnam has the opportunity to manufacture electric cars more easily than other countries with already well-established auto industries because Vietnam has no auto industry that would need to to sacrificed, experts have said.

Demand for charging stations causes jam in EV advancement

As air pollution in big cities passes far beyond acceptable limits, the interest in electric vehicles is rising. 

Global power sector emissions to peak in 2026: Report

 Global emissions of greenhouse gases from the power sector are expected to peak in 2026, but will still be some way above levels needed to limit temperature rises in line with the Paris climate agreement,