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Dong Nai seeks human-elephant coexistence

The Humane Society International (HSI) in Việt Nam has coordinated with Dong Nai Province to pilot an Elephant Conservation Project that sets up cameras to learn more about the animals and monitor conflict between them and people.

The tragedy of Central Highlands elephants

Driven by a blind belief that elephant fur and tusks would bring good luck to the owner, one action multiplied into ten, and ten multiplied into a hundred, leading to an unexpected calamity for the elephants of the Central Highlands.

Asian elephant alliance launched

The Asian Elephant Alliance (AEA) calls for partnership and collective action as it acknowledges that the challenges faced by the elephants in our region cannot be solved in isolation.

Dak Lak: Domestic elephants enjoy buffet on World Elephant Day

The Dak Lak centre for elephant conservation, wildlife rescue, and forest protection management on August 12 offered a buffet to the herd of domestic elephants in Lak district as part of an event marking World Elephant Day.

Call to release Thu Le Zoo elephants

A Vietnamese animal protection group has collected around 51,135 signatures in a petition calling for the release of two elephants being kept at Thu Le Zoo in Hanoi.

The elephants that lost their way, but found a path back home

Ya Bich was an elephant who grew up among the greenery in Buon Don district in Dak Lak. However, it had few days to live freely in the generous arm of the Central Highlands’ forests.

Dak Lak man offers tourists 'therapy trips’ with elephants, no riding involved

“For me, elephants are not just animals. They are friends, members of my family, and even sacred animals,” said Y Sol Sruk, a young Dak Lak man.

Another Dak Lak elephant dies

A 49-year-old elephant in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak has died from illness and exhaustion.