Lacquer exhibition held in Hanoi

Cuci Art Studio in Hanoi will hold an exhibition titled “The Lacquer Story: Dialogue Cua Vong” featuring lacquer works by eight artists, including 12 paintings, two installations, and one performance.

An artwork on display at the exhibition - PHOTO: COURTESY OF ORGANIZER

Featuring both lacquer artists and contemporary multimedia artists, this exhibition illustrates the lacquer arts through time by creating a dialogue between the medium of lacquer and Cua Vong. This is the first exhibition where multimedia artists create artworks using the lacquer medium, and by doing so, brings to the public a fresh, new perspective of the possibilities and potential of using the traditional material of lacquer.

Cua Vong is a special interior décor in sacred worship spaces. It is a door frame that is considered a symbol separating the entire sacred worship area from the earthy life outside where people worship, show respect and express their prayers and desires to the Gods.

Cua Vong is believed to be the door connecting real life and the spiritual world, between the past and present, and the connection between the soul of craftsmen and artists. The exhibition gives each of the artists the opportunity to have a conversation with Cua Vong in their own way, to connect with the public by stepping through that door, and to inherit and touch the true values of fine art.

The distinction of this exhibition is the diverse styles of the participating artists. Some artists only specialize in lacquer, and the stories in their artworks are often inspired by national traditions and history. Some other artists consider lacquer as a traditional symbol or as a companion.

There will also be artist talks and art tours with the curators which will connect art enthusiasts in general with those passionate for lacquer in particular. The exhibition runs from June 22 to July 31. SGT

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