Musical Nobody’s Boy to be staged in Hanoi

A musical adapted from the French novel Nobody’s Boy is being staged in Hanoi at the Youth Theatre located on 11 Ngo Thi Nham Street.

Musical Nobody’s Boy to be staged in Hanoi
The musical Nobody’s Boy is being performed by 140 amateur actors who are students from many schools in Hanoi. — Photo courtesy of Hanoi Arts for Youth

Organised by the group Hanoi Art for Youth, the show will be staged in parallel with musical Matilda, aiming to introduce famous literary works to Vietnamese audiences.

After a year preparing and six years practising, 140 amateur actors chosen from some 500 children around Hanoi will portray the favourite characters in the novel like Rémy, Mattia and the monkey Joli-Cœu on the capital’s theatrical stage.

Notably, Nobody’s Boy will be performed in English though all of its producers are Vietnamese.

“This is a great chance for the kids to become characters they love,” said producer Hoang Thu Huong on Hanoi Art for Youth’s Facebook page.

“It is also a fun way to help the kids learn about European history and culture from a century ago as it brings them the joy and relaxation in the process,” she added.


“By bringing such famous literary work onto the stage, we have discovered different aspects of it. We discover the inner spirit of the characters and aim to convey to the audience the many sides of humanity,” said Nguyen Hoang Tung, script writer and director.

An 1878 French novel by Hector Malot, Nobody’s Boy tells the wandering life of the orphan Rémy who has no relatives and lives with his adopted mom in a remote rural area. He joins the animal circus group of elderly Vitalis to perform around the country.

After the death of his old leader, Rémy continues to travel and perform with the troupe. The story has a happy ending when the boy suddenly finds his lost family and lives happily ever after.

Tickets to Nobody’s Boy can be purchased by contacting 0983607494 or leaving a message to Hanoi Art for Youth’s Facebook page

The play will be staged every night at 8pm until July 18.


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