Veteran composer releases songs for teens

A songbook for teenagers composed by Quoc Bao has been released in HCM City to meet the demand of young audiences this summer.

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Veteran composer releases songs for teens

The book, Những Lời Bình Yên (Beautiful Words), features songs about childhood, family, friends and love.

The composer selected songs from many of his works to celebrate his 30-year career.

“I hope my songs can enhance youngsters’ love of music,” said Bao, 52, one of the city’s leading musicians in the 1990s.

The book features hit songs, such as Em Về Tinh Khôi (My Lovely Girl), Ngày Hai Mươi (When I’m Twenty), Giấc Mơ Tuyết Trắng (Dream about Snow) and Tóc Nâu Môi Trầm (Dark Brown Hair - Red Lipstick), performed by pop stars Tran Thu Ha, Thuy Tien and My Tam.

Em Về Tinh Khôi, the first song and one of Bao’s most popular works, has been included on many albums recorded by top singers at home and aboard.

The song was first performed by singer Tran Thu Ha, a pop star in Hanoi who began her career when she was a child.


It quickly became a hit in 1991 and has been performed by many young and veteran singers at cultural exchange events, music festivals and concerts.

Another love song is Còn Ta Với Nồng Nàn (My Sweet Love). The song helped young singer Quang Dũng to become a star in 2001.

Many young listeners appreciate Bảo’s creative ability to mix different musical genres. His music combines traditional and western styles, using Vietnamese folk elements.

He has composed works for 13 albums, including best-sellers such as the three albums Địa Đàng (Paradise), Tình Ca Hồng (Songs for Teen Love) My Guitar My Friends and Mai Khôi Sings Quốc Bảo.

Bao began working as a music producer in 1997. He worked with pop stars Ngo Thanh Van, Ho Ngoc Ha and Vietnamese-American Bang Kieu and Toc Tien.

He has also written several books featuring Sai Gon culture, lifestyle and music.

His music book, Những Lời Bình Yên (Beautiful Words), is published by the Culture & Arts Publishing House and Phanbook.


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