Vietnamese artists honoured at Seoul exhibition

Vietnamese artists Phan Thị Thanh Mai won the first place prize and Ngo Duy Hien took fourth at the recent 26th International Statue and Painting Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.

Vietnamese artists honoured at Seoul exhibition
Lacquer painting by Phan Thi Thanh Mai. — Photo

Mai and Hien were among six Vietnamese artists to bring 18 lacquer paintings to the exhibition. The Vietnamese works were popular with artists, collectors and curators at the exhibition.

Vietnamese artists received high praise from the K-Art International Exchange Association, the Artistic Jury, and the Executive Committee of the International Fine Arts Association.

For Mai's work with the theme of maternal love, she used her skill in traditional lacquer painting to portray the love of a mother holding her child in her arms.

The exhibition was organised by the K-Art International Exchange Association to enhance understanding, co-operation and exchange in fine arts between Korean and international artists.

Thirteen countries participated including France, the US, Italy, Germany, China, Mongolia and Vietnam.


The exhibition showcases more than 200 works with different materials such as oil on canvas, lacquer, silk, calligraphy, acrylic, watercolour and sculptures.

At a meeting to review the exhibition, the K-Art International Exchange Association's representative acknowledged the Vietnamese artists’ contributions to the success of the exchange and to the co-operation between the Hanoi-based UNESCO Centre for Fine Arts and the Korean association.

Vietnamese artists honoured at Seoul exhibition
Vietnamese artist Phan Thi Thanh Mai (centre) and her Korean colleagues in Seoul. Photo

Mai is the director of the UNESCO Centre for Fine Arts. She is also a member of the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association and has had group exhibitions and two solo exhibitions in 1988 and 2007. She has exhibited her work in China and Norway, and had 18 shows in France between 2001 and 2016.


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