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Organisation calls for end to commercial farming of endangered wildlife

The Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) has appealed for an end to commercial farming of endangered wildlife, in an attempt to conserve biodiversity on the occasion of the World Environment Day 2020 (June 5).

Joint efforts made to crack down wildlife cybercrime

Joint efforts are being made to crack down on the illegal trade of wild animals on the Internet in Vietnam as more traders have shifted offline to Internet-based markets.

Quang Nam woman gets five years behind bars for illegal wildlife possession

A 58-year-old woman in the central province of Quang Nam was sentenced by a provincial court on May 12 to five years in prison for illegal wildlife possession, according to Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV).

Short film released to help stop bear bile extraction

Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) has released its latest documentary depicting a remorseful bear farmer who decides to surrender his captive bear.


Wildlife massacre: forest rangers do little to prevent it

Reporters provided photos and evidence about the slaughter of Red-Book-listed wild animals to forest rangers, but they remained unruffled.

Only severe punishment can help stop wildlife trafficking in Vietnam: NA deputies

A member of the National Assembly’s Legal Committee, Pham Van Hoa, said it is necessary to set up a mechanism which would supervise and severely punish the slaughter and trafficking of wildlife.

Reproducing animals in semi-wild conditions at Vietnam’s zoos

Baby rhinos now can be reproduced in semi-wild conditions in Vietnam.

Vietnam struggles to crack down elephant ivory trafficking

Education for Nature, Vietnam (ENV), has urged heavy sanctions on leaders of wildlife trafficking rings dealing in elephant tusks.

Loopholes found in licensing for raising big-headed turtles

Big-headed turtles, or Platysternon megacephalum, is one of the most unusual turtle species in the world which needs conservation. However, due to legal loopholes, the turtles are being traded in the open air at licensed farms.

Local agencies respond differently to wildlife trafficking cases

In early November, the Kon Tum provincial police discovered a large amount of wildlife carried on a bus that went through the province. The wildlife seized included crocodiles and turtles of different species. 

Environmentalists urge sanctions on wildlife poachers, traffickers

VietNamNet Bridge - Environmental protection organizations have suggested that local authorities be responsible for controlling and stopping wildlife consumption in their localities. 

NGO offers wildlife trafficking solutions

Shutting down social media channels used to advertise illicit wildlife is one of the actions recommended by NGO Education for Nature Viet Nam (ENV) to put an end to the wildlife trade in Vietnam.

World’s 2nd largest Delacour’slangur population found in northern Vietnam

The world’s second largest population of the endangered Delacour’slangur primate has recently been discovered by conservation NGO, Fauna & Flora International, giving fresh hope for one of the planet’s rarest species.

Wildlife trafficking continues despite tough laws

The number of wildlife trafficking cases has been increasing at a breakneck speed in recent years. Advertisements for the sale of precious and endangered wildlife species can be found on social networks, forums and websites. 

Bac Ninh forest rangers suspected of selling endangered animals

VietNamNet Bridge – The Bac Ninh provincial authorities recently put up for auction 42 Java pangolins, an endangered species, that were seized in the province.

New app enables people to report wildlife law violations

 VietNamNet Bridge – Education for Nature-Vietnam (EVN) has launched a new smartphone application called "EVN-Report Wildlife Crime", which will easily help people to report violations of wildlife laws.