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The program on researching the biological characteristics of a pine variety - Ducampopinus kremfii – has shown initial results.

Hydropower plants exchanged for poverty and hunger

Local people have to pay a heavy price for the hydropower plants arisen in their homeland. They have been leading unstable lives with the modest average income of VND7.2 million per annum.

Industrial production leads to rice yield loss

VietNamNet Bridge – The reverse of the “industrialization medal” is that it has brought big corollaries to the rice farming.

Kids taught environment protection through puppetry

 VietNamNet Bridge - The children in Hanoi on May 13 enjoyed a water puppetry show, with content that educates students about protecting biodiversity and water resources.

Natural landscapes devastated by tourism overexploitation

VietNamNet Bridge – The industrial production has poisoned natural landscapes with the pollution.

Forests devastated because men want to be red blooded

Sam dat as Vietnamese call, or Siipunculus, like earthworms, can make soil porous, thus helping plants grow rapidly. When sam dat are killed, planted and re-generated forests would be damaged, because trees cannot absorb nutrients and water to grow.

Tourism development destruct the nature

A lot of the beautiful landscapes which have been advertised as the “paradises” for tourists, in fact, are the “paradises of rubbish.”

Unclear laws make it difficult to settle water disputes

The prolonged water disputes between hydropower plants and local authorities in the central region and Central Highlands recently show that big problems exist in the water natural resource management.

Scientists urge to collect rainwater fee

The Decree No. 25 on collecting waste water fee for the environment protection promulgated on March 29 stipulates that fee would not be collected from spilling-over rainwater.