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VietNamNet Bridge - Rapid tourism development has put pressure on local infrastructure and environment in the UNESCO-protected town of Hoi An.

Experts debate new gas environment tax

Experts have called on the Ministry of Finance to be considerate and transparent with their plan to spend the environmental protection tax applied on gasoline, which they have just proposed to double.

Vietnam strives for more green building projects

VietNamNet Bridge - More and more green architecture awards have been given to buildings in Vietnam, a refection of the country's effort to develop construction works friendly to the environment.

Proposed hydropower plant in Laos to affect lower Mekong River in Vietnam

Laos is making hectic preparations for the building of one more hydropower dam – Pak Beng – on the Mekong river section which runs through Oudomxay province.

PM calls for joint environmental efforts

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged the whole political system and society to work together in protecting the environment after recent environmental pollution incidents that have harmed socio-economic development

Will Con Dao Island stay green?

VietNamNet Bridge - Con Dao residents, who take pride in their green island, are worried about the news that 40 hectares of forest may be cleared to make room for a road through a national park.

Mekong Delta deals with natural disasters, new hydropower dams

This year’s historic drought and saltwater intrusion have been mostly caused by the extreme El Nino weather phenomenon. If the 11 hydropower dams in Mekong upriver become operational, Vietnam’s Mekong Delta will bear a ‘double disaster’.

Shrimp farming threatens Lang Co Bay

VietNamNet Bridge - Many white-leg shrimp farming areas have been set up next to the Lap An Lagoon in Lang Co Town in Thua Thien - Hue province, threatening the world’s beautiful bay of Lang Co.

Vietnam, NCA cooperate in environment protection

The Norwegian Church Aid will continue working closely with the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as well as religions in protecting the environment and responding to climate change response.

Scientists warn about toxic Chinese herbicide in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - An extremely toxic herbicide made in China may penetrate the Vietnamese market through smuggling in 2016, which is a major threat to food safety and environment.

Film festival seeks to raise scientific awareness

 VietNamNet Bridge – Pupils from primary and junior schools in the country will enjoy attending a film festival that will be held from October 11 to December 6.

Farmers should be seen as main players in modernisation project

 VietNamNet Bridge – Nguyen Quoc Cuong, chairman of the Viet Nam Farmers Union, tells Nong Thon Ngay Nay (Countryside Today) about the role of farmers in transforming Viet Nam into a modern, industrial nation.

Hanoi painter grows vegetables with recycled products

Pham Trung Tuan, a freelance painter, has developed his vegetable garden at his home in a small alley of Cau Giay street in Hanoi. All the vegetables are grown with recycled waste products.

Tourism sector asked to cope with impact of East Sea tension

 VietNamNet Bridge – Despite the negative impact posed by the current East Sea tension, the tourism sector should work harder to deal with difficulties facing it by applying inter-disciplinary measures to reach its set targets,

NA debates impact of waste imports

 VietNamNet Bridge – Lawmakers yesterday (Feb 20) debated the issue of waste imports while discussing the revised Environment Law at the 25th session of the National Assembly Standing Committee.

The ancient ironwood forest in the rice granary land

There is a green vast century-old ironwood forest covering hundreds of hectares of land in Yen Thanh district of the central province of Nghe An, the locality which has been well known for deforestation and forest fires.

Pollution blights water sources

 VietNamNet Bridge – Underground water throughout the country is dangerously polluted, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment's Centre for Water Resources Monitoring and Forecast.

Authorities fail to tackle pollution woes

 VietNamNet Bridge – Lack of legal framework and supporting tools have posed difficulties in resolving conflicts arising from environmental polluters and people living in polluted areas.

Environmental protection to be taught in schools

 VietNamNet Bridge – From 2014, environment protection contents will be added into curriculums of all schools throughout the country.

Storks guard shrimp lagoon

 VietNamNet Bridge - At night when the owners of fish and shrimp lakes have to keep themselves vigil or hire guards to protect their lakes, Mr. Ninh can sleep until the morning because his shrimp lagoon is protected by storks.