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Dong/dollar exchange rate to cool down in July

 VietNamNet Bridge – The dollar price has been increasing these days because of the slight demand increase. However, the dong/dollar exchange rate is believed to get stabilized by early July 2013.

Dollar price increase raises rumor about dong devaluation

Commercial banks all have raised the dollar selling price to the ceiling level of VND21,036 per dollar. The State Bank’s Exchange late last week quoted the selling price at VND21,360 per dollar.

Both trade deficit and surplus cause big worries to Vietnamese

Just within half a year, Vietnam’s foreign trade has gone from one extreme to another. However, both the trade deficit and trade surplus cause worries.

Bank scotches currency rumours

 VietNamNet Bridge – The State Bank of Viet Nam denied speculation last week that it was preparing to adjust the exchange rate.

Deposit interest rates go down, where the money goes to then?

Since commercial banks have lowered the interest rates, depositing has become less attractive in the eyes of investors.

Import-export companies seeking to force dollar interest rates down

VietNamNet Bridge – Importers and exporters have urged the State Bank of Vietnam to slash the dollar interest rates further to 5 percent per annum.

The original market, where 3 currencies are used for payment at the same time

At the Na Meo Market in Na Meo commune of Quan Son district in Thanh Hoa province, buyers and sellers can use three currencies, including Vietnam dong, Lao kip and US dollar, in making payment.

Central bank sends signal about exchange rate policy in 2013

The dollar price quoted by commercial banks and the price in the black market bounced back earlier this week. However, after that, the dollar price has decreased again.

SBV insists on stable dong/dollar exchange rate policy

VietNamNet Bridge – While economists have urged to devaluate the local currency to help boost exports, the central bank believes that it’s not the right time to do this.

Gold, dollar prices dance after Tet holiday

The dollar price has been fluctuating so heavily since the market re-opening after the Tet holiday. However, experts believe that this does not mean the start of the dong depreciation wave.

Economists say stabilized exchange rate nooses exporters

VietNamNet Bridge – The stabilizing of the dong/dollar exchange rate over the last two years has made the local currency depreciate by 20 percent, which has hindered exports.

Foreign currencies flowing out from the public

VietNamNet Bridge – A big amount of foreign currencies has been sold by people recently since they, after weighing pros and cons, decided that it would be better to keep dong than dollars.

Dong/dollar exchange rate not to be compressed in 2013

It is highly possible that the State Bank of Vietnam would not make commitments on a fixed maximum depreciation of the local currency in 2013, but a flexible exchange rate policy would be pursued.

SBV too hasty to stop capital mobilization and lending in foreign currencies

The State Bank of Vietnam has been taking drastic measures to implement its plan to stop the capital mobilization and lending in foreign currencies.