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Where is the money?

VietNamNet Bridge - Banks’ liquidity is strong, government bonds have been selling well, and bank interest rates and the dong/dollar exchange rate remain stable. However, the growth rate of the economy has been slowing. 

Gold price fluctuations cause mad rush among investors

VietNamNet Bridge - The gold price recently soared by millions of dong per tael within one day and then plummeted the next day, shocking gold investors. 

Vietnamese businesses incur losses because of yen appreciation

VietNamNet Bridge - The sharp increase of the Japanese yen has caused losses for Vietnamese businesses.

No investment channel can bring positive profit: economist

VietNamNet Bridge - The asset bubble due to massive capital inflow has brought disadvantages to Vietnam economy over the last decade, according to Dr Huynh The Du, director of the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program (FETP).

Circular on start-ups, venture capital coming

The Ministry of Planning and Investment was drafting a circular on a venture capital funds to create a legal framework for promoting start-ups and making Viet Nam a start-up nation.

Vietnamese deposit $7.3b abroad

Viet Nam saw US dollar deposits overseas skyrocketing, possibly due to foreign currency policies implemented by the central bank, the Viet Nam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) said.

Vietnamese banks prefer borrowing from foreign banks to domestic sources

VietNamNet Bridge - The dollar deposit interest rate in Vietnam remains at zero percent, but commercial banks are still trying to borrow dollars from foreign banks.

Vietnam gains modest achievements in fighting dollarization

VietNamNet Bridge - The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has been taking a series of measures to stop dollarization, but the newly released 2015 financial report shows that the goal is still far away.

US dollar appreciation behind hike in dong deposit interest rate

VietNamNet Bridge - The increased demand for loans as well as the dong appreciation has increased the deposit interest rate. 

Many bankers handled roughly in 2015

VietNamNet Bridge - The bankers that were seriously criticized by the local press in 2015 were those that managed banks involved in bad debt scandals.

Investors delay projects as investment channels remain unattractive

VietNamNet Bridge - If capital outflow returns to Vietnam in 2016 thanks to global integration effects, the Vietnamese stock market may become more attractive than last year.

VN central bank applies daily reference exchange rates

The State Bank of Vietnam on January 4 launched the daily average inter-bank exchange rate between the Vietnam dong and the U.S. dollar and reference exchange rates between the dong and some other foreign currencies.

USD price falls as SBV blocks demand

VietNamNet Bridge - The dollar prices quoted by largest commercial banks have fallen since the day the Circular No 15 took effect on October 5.

TPP countries watch out for ‘exchange rate game’

VietNamNet Bridge - Reuters has quoted reliable sources that say TPP member countries plan to sign an agreement not to devalue local currencies to boost their respective exports.

Failing to issue bonds, MOF plans to borrow from Vietcombank

VietNamNet Bridge - Sources said the Ministry of Finance (MOF) is planning to borrow one billion US dollars more from Vietcombank, one of Vietnam’s largest commercial banks, at the interest rate of 3-4 percent per annum.

Is Vietnam facing deflation?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam saw the lowest consumer price index (CPI) increase in the last 10 years in September, which has raised concerns about the risk of deflation.

SBV to hold forex rate steady until early 2016

The State Bank of Viet Nam has said it would hold the exchange rate steady till the end of the year and also in the early months of 2016.

Exchange rate, budget deficit are high risks for Vietnam economy

The dong/dollar exchange rate and the loss of state budget revenue from tax collections are the two most serious challenges for the national economy, according to a report issued in July by the National Finance Supervision Council.

Dong/dollar exchange rate likely to stay firm

VietNamNet Bridge - Businesses and analysts all believe that the State Bank (SBV) will not devalue the dong again this year because there will be less pressure on the exchange rate.

Statistics Office’s inaccurate prediction about trade deficit behind dollar price hike?

The predicted high trade deficit in the first four months of the year reportedly put pressure on the exchange rate and led to the State Bank’s decision to devalue the VND by one percent on May 7.