Update news export-import

Many of Vietnam’s growth engines have posted impressive export-import performance, with Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Ninh, and Binh Duong being the top performers.

Tra fish swimming back to local market

Turning away from the uphill battle in exports due to COVID-19, tra fish producers have set an eye on the domestic market.

Export offensive gains shape as lockdowns ease around the world

Vietnam’s export s are expected to bounce back as many partners are gradually exiting lockdown, in addition to the positive effects of free trade agreements.

Upbeat shrimp exports amid COVID-19

While seafood exports declined sharply in the first quarter due to the COVID-19, shrimp exports have managed to post slight growth.

Nosediving oil price deals a blow to state budget

Though the steep dive in global crude oil price will benefit domestic logistics and production, it will not be good for local petrol firms and the state budget.

No end to woes of local textile and garment industry

While the supply of raw materials from China is recovering after a month of suspension, textile and garment businesses find that they have moved out of the frying pan into the fire as the COVID-19 pandemic

Vietnam offers little unmet demand for medical mask imports

Chinese firms will begin exporting medical face masks, but their choice starting point, Vietnam, has little demand that goes unsatisfied by local producers.

Vietnam makes it into top 5 economic freedom gainers in Asia-Pacific region

With the strides in opening its economy, Vietnam has improved its ranking to 105th on the 2020 Index of Economic Freedom by The Heritage Foundation.

COVID-19 an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to change course

COVID-19 makes a reasonable time for businesses to kick off new ideas and get together to come over the hairy problem.

Drug price hikes in US threaten the same in Vietnam?

Pfizer, Sanofi, and GlaxoSmithKline are reported to plan increasing drug prices in the US in 2020, triggering public concerns over a similar hike in Vietnam.

VN's pharmaceutical import turnover may reach $3 billion by end of year

With the average pharmaceutical import turnover of $245 million per month, the figure of the whole year of 2019 may reach $3 billion, equaling 50 per cent of the whole scale of the market.  

Export-import, trade remedy under NA discussions

 National Assembly deputies gave their feedback on the draft revised Law on Export-Import Tariffs during a session in Hanoi on March 25.