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 Tax incentives likely for tech-savvy enterprises; Vinh Long courts investors to back $1.1b project plan; Auto sales August surge bodes well for yearly target; Healthy appetite for animal feed raw material imports


 Southern sales ignite property market; Vietnamese businesses seeks stronger foothold in Lao market; Ministry projects cross-sector growth; MobiFone offers discounts for roaming fees; Information disclosure set to go digital

Cell phone exports forecast to hit US$20 billion

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Industry and Trade forecasts cell phone and component exports may exceed US$20 billion this year, setting a new record for export turnover of an industry.

Vietnamese businesses get benefits from Japan’s loosened monetary policy

The Japanese central bank has decided to loosen the monetary policy in an effort to raise the inflation rate to 2 percent, which would bring benefits to many Vietnamese businesses.


Asia-Pacific exports expected to increase; Inflation holds steady despite Tet demand; Surge of power plants to plug into Viet Nam market

Vietnam exports hit the jackpots in first months of the year

Vietnamese exporters all have reportedly got overjoyed because they have obtained big orders, which gives one more reason to believe that the targeted 10 percent export turnover growth rate in 2013 is within reach.


Binh Dinh looks to make fisheries key growth sector; City sets target of achieving high export turnover, PM okays restructuring plan for Vinatex, Vinacomin

Seafood exporters call on to “break ethoxyquin barrier”

Vietnamese seafood companies think that it is necessary to use “legal instruments” to settle the ethoxyquin problem, saying that only when the problem is settled, will Vietnam be able to boost shrimp exports.

MOF considers ownership tax reduction, auto dealers leap for joy

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has suggested to reducing the car ownership registration tax and delay the plan to collect the kind of fee aimed in restricting private vehicles in circulation.

Shavings trucks get stuck at Dung Quat port

Trucks have been queuing up over the last many days at the entrance to the Dung Quat port in Quang Ngai province, waiting for their turns to delivery wood chips to big tonnage ships which would head for China.

Vinacas drives cashew nut exporters to death?

Tens of cashew nut exporters incur losses, while the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) has fallen into complete mess. It’s still unclear about the future of the Vietnam’s cashew industry.

Seafood processors throbbing with anxiety waiting for central bank’s decision

Seafood companies have begged the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) to allow them to borrow money in foreign currencies until the end of 2013 to help them overcome the current difficulties.

Rice trade becomes conditional business, what will be next?

More and more business fields have been set as the types of conditional business. This would do more harm than good.