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Emotional abuse against women is viewed as acceptable by many in society

Many people still think that it is normal when couples scold each other harshly at home.

Many women suffer from 'emotional abuse' at home

Like many other nights, Quang cursed his wife and children when Hue, his wife, asked for money to buy food.

Project aims to prevent violence against women and girls

T, a woman suffering from domestic violence in the coastal city of Da Nang, has a simple dream.

Measuring the social costs of teen brides and grooms

 VietNamNet Bridge – Girls who get married before 18 years old are much more likely to drop out of school and face a much higher risk of family violence, experts warned in a seminar on child marriage prevention.

Can Tho: Party official criticized for family violence

The 9-year-old boy cried and did not sleep so he was beaten by his father, leaving bruises on his face and body. The father - a Party official in Can Tho - admitted that he is a hot-temper person so he beat his son with a teaching purpose.