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Female students make biodegradable bags from Agar powder

Two female 12th graders, Nguyen Cao Hoai Thanh and Le Bui Huong Nhu, have created biodegradable bags made of natural materials.

They attend Tam Giang High School in Thua Thien-Hue province.





The two girls decided that they would make a product which is as convenient and cheap as a plastic bag but safer for the environment.

Paper bags, or bags made of corn flour, tapioca, bioplastics and potato already exist. However, each still has weak points and all have high production costs.

Thanh and Nhu decided that the material for the bag should be Agar powder, which is cheap, environmentally friendly and safe.

Thanh and Nhu decided that the material for the bag should be Agar powder, which is cheap, environmentally friendly and safe.

The two students carried out experiments before finding the optimal formula using Agar and gelatin powder.

The former is derived from plants used for food processing, while gelatin extracted from collagen is found in bones and skin of animals such as pig skin or in plant collagen such as red algae and fruits. Gelatin is used widely in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The two ingredients are mixed with the ratio of 5 grams of Agar powder and 10 grams of gelatin powder to 400 ml of water.

The mixture is boiled and the temperature cooled to about 50°C. After that, the bag making mold is coated with the mixture. After 24 hours, when the mixture dries, it is removed abd Agar liquid is used to stick the two layers together to create a bag.

Agar bags were tested in many different conditions: in low temperature from zero to minus 10oC, in cool conditions 1.7-5oC, and in room temperature. The bag was used to contain dry food for one week and its quality remained unchanged.

When burned, the bag turns into ash with no smell. 

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Vietnamese can do scientific research at international level: expert

Vietnamese can do scientific research at international level: expert

Prof Nguyen Thanh Liem, head of Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology and one of top 100 Asian scientists 2019, says that Vietnamese are quite capable of carrying out scientific research at the international level.

Students build bridges in rural areas with love

Students build bridges in rural areas with love

The HCM University of Science and Technology has become familiar with residents in the southern province of Ben Tre.


Waste from fishing industry sparks concern

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has reported a large volume of waste from the fishing industry, of which fishing vessels with a length of 6 meters or longer generate over 64,100 tons of plastic waste a year.

Groundwater exploitation threatens HCMC

HCMC is making effort to reduce groundwater exploitation to 100,000 cubic meters per day to combat land subsidence, the HCMC Department of Natural Resources and Environment said.

50,000 HCM City workers face falling incomes

As many as 50,000 workers in HCM City have witnessed falling incomes so far this year, said an official from the HCM City Labour Federation.

Ha Giang warns about online hotel reservation scams

Ha Giang Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism have warned tourists about online hotel reservation scams.

Wild sunflowers in bloom in northwestern Dien Bien Province

The wild sunflower is a shrub with an average height of about 2m - 3m. Its plant stem is dark green and erect. When the trunk turns to wood, it is grey-brown. It grows alone or in clusters, and the buds bloom at the beginning of winter.

HCM City to ban sleeper buses entering downtown from mid-December

The HCM City Department of Transport has proposed to ban sleeper buses entering the city centre between 6am and 10pm from the middle of next month in an effort to crack down on picking up and dropping off passengers illegally.

Low pay, high stress lead teachers to question their careers

Nhat Tien, a teacher at a primary school for autistic children in HCM City’s District 3, has been thinking about quitting her job for many times.

Dinh Hong Quan to defend IBF title

International Boxing Federation (IBF) champion Dinh Hong Quan is set to defend his title on December 10 at the Grand Ho Tram Resort in the southern coastal province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

Vietnam records boom in number of Japanese restaurants nationwide

The number of Japanese restaurants across the country has enjoyed strong growth in terms of scale and number, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City.

HCM City association to host first international photography fest

The HCM City Photography Association (HPA) is hosting the first-ever international photography festival from November 25-30.


Big supermarkets join Promotion Month 2022

Missosology picks locals contestant among Top 3 at Mister Grand International

Missosology, the world’s leading publication on beauty pageants, has named Vietnamese representative Vu Linh among its hot picks of the Top 3 currently participating in the Mister Grand International 2022 pageant.

HIV infections rise among people under 29

The number of young people catching HIV has seen an upward trend recently, with 50% of new cases being under the age of 29.

Three female scientists receive L’Oreal-UNESCO awards

Three female scientists were granted the 2022 L'Oreal-UNESCO awards at a ceremony in Hanoi on November 25.

Vietnam has two more named in Asia-Pacific documentary heritage list

Two heritage pieces of Vietnam were recognised as part of documentary heritage in Asia and the Pacific on November 26, at the 9th general meeting of the Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific.