Update news invention

Two male students in Quang Tri have invented a robot which takes samples for Covid-19 testing. The production cost was only VND20 million.

Vietnamese students design 'cooling vest' for frontline health workers

The vest uses a phone's backup battery, so it can work for more than eight hours. In addition, users can add "coolant" by adding ice into the included water jug without taking off their vests.


ATMs collect scrap, sell used items to the poor

The machines that sell mobile phones or collect used phones, and the apps that connect scrap sellers and buyers are useful solutions at a time when "living green" and "going digital" have become more common.

Vietnamese student makes smart glasses for the blind

The glasses can recognize Vietnamese language and read content aloud for users with a high accuracy rate of up to 89 percent.

Vietnamese students win big at int’l young inventors contest in Indonesia

Vietnamese students claimed two gold and one silver medals at the International Young Investors Awards (IYIA) 2019 held in Indonesia from October 9 to 12.

Female students make biodegradable bags from Agar powder

Two female 12th graders, Nguyen Cao Hoai Thanh and Le Bui Huong Nhu, have created biodegradable bags made of natural materials.

Street air filter created by student prevents fine dust pollution

The machine can filter air on streets and can even prevent fine dust, which is dangerous to human health.

Female students invent brain-controlled character recognition machine

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientific research by two female students at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology Tran Thi Thanh and Phung Ngoc Ha could result in a product which can help the disabled to communicate.

Vietnam-made solar lighting system receives US patent registration

A team of Vietnamese scientists has successfully filed a patent application in the US for their non-electric lighting equipment, a cost-saving solution for certain projects, especially “tube” houses in Vietnam.

Vietnamese students’ reading glasses to be presented US fair

VietNamNet Bridge - The reading glasses invented by HCM City's students Nguyen Hoang Minh Khoi and Vu Phuong Thao can recognize characters and emit sounds with a high accuracy rate of 89 percent.

Students create automatic watering pump with waste materials

Nguyen Dai Duong and Le The Hoan, students at Trieu Trach Secondary School in Quang Tri province, have created a simple watering system run with electric circuits used to water crops.

Students invent ‘smart’ henhouse to breed chickens

VietNamNet Bridge - Healthy and high-quality chickens can be bred in a smart henhouse created by three university students. 

Students win prizes for innovative investment projects

A virtual laboratory to carry out chemical experiments and a project on parenting soft skills are two of the first prizes awarded at the ‘Investment Project’ competition organized for Hanoi students.

Smart helmet helps reduce accidents faced by electricians

VietNamNet Bridge - The outstanding advantage of the helmet is the high sensitivity and accuracy which can ensure maximum safety for the users.

University students invent face recognition system

BKFace, a product created by a group of five students from Hanoi University of Science & Technology, Hanoi University of Foreign Trade and Hanoi Economics University, recognizes faces with a high accuracy level of 96 percent.

University students invent wheelchair operated by head movements

Understanding the difficulties of people with disabilities, a group of electrical and electronic engineering students at Transport University decided to design a wheelchair that would help them move easily. 

High school students win top prizes at tech creativity competitions

VietNamNet Bridge - The passion for knowledge has helped students from district high schools invent  machines useful for people and businesses in the central province of Ha Tinh.

Vending machine sells pho and pays change

VietNamNet Bridge - A new vending machine allows customers to insert money into a slot, press a button, receive change and wait 90 seconds for a bowl of delicious pho. 

Hue student wins numerous awards for scientific research

VietNamNet Bridge - Hoang San, a student at the Hue City High School for the Gifted, says some of his innovative ideas appear in dreams or come to him unconsciously.

Da Nang men’s chatbot used by Skype, Facebook Messenger

VietNamNet Bridge - Hekate AI, a chatbot created by Nguyen Van Minh Duc, 26, Pham Quoc Huy, 26, and Duong Van Phuoc Thien, 25, is the first of its kind in Vietnam.